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December Challenges

1. The STREAK Challenge is a running streak challenge. The goal is to run at least 1 mile from 12/1/18 until 1/1/19. This is designed to help us keep some running fitness throughout the holidays and fight a little of the holiday bulge!!


2. The SMILE Challenge is exactly what it sounds like, smiling! "Smiling is my favorite!"-Will Ferrell in Elf. The goal of this challenge is to smile at 5 people or more each day of the month.


3. The MOVE Challenge:  this challenge is about moving each day. The goal is to move for 20 minutes consecutively doing any activity each day of the month.

4. The KINDNESS Challenge: this challenge is about acts of kindness, or just being kind. I challenge you to perform one act of kindness each day of the month. The act of kindness can be to anyone, including yourself or even a pet. It is always good to be kind!