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Customized Training Plans

This program is for anyone who needs to get started with fitness or get back to their fitness routines.


Does this sound like you?


  • you have taken a break from your fitness routine or running and need to get back to it

  • you aren't quite ready to return to the gym or don't like the gym atmosphere

  • you do not want the pressure of an "in your face" trainer 

  • you want to get in better shape but aren't sure how or need extra motivation

  • you want something affordable that fits your lifestyle


This program will help you get back to your fitness goals.  I will guide you through a safe progression of exercises, cardio, and running (if desired) to minimize chances of injury. I have years of orthopedic experience treating injured clients so I can help you avoid the common pitfalls that lead to injury.


What is included in the program?


  1. Complete questionnaire on current fitness levels and your goals as well as your lifestyle and daily schedule

  2. Initial set of tests to determine your current fitness level 

  3. Initial session by Skype for testing and check of proper form with basic exercises and discussion of program 

  4. Custom program creation taking into account your goals, lifestyle and level of fitness, updated weekly if needed

  5. Weekly check-in via email to assess progress and make changes as needed



You can do month to month or save a little money and purchase a 3-month plan.


  1. Online clients for a personal training program for fitness:

    • $100 a month for 2-5 workouts a week

    • 3 months paid at once $285


Nutrition suggestions are available for these plans for additional costs.

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