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I am a Complete Running Newbie Plan

This plan is for the absolute beginner. If you have not had fitness as a regular part of your life or you have never run but want to start a safe, smart plan then this is the plan made just for you. 


Does this sound like you?


  • you have never consistently had fitness in your life or have never run in your life but you want to

  • you have wanted to be active or wanted to start running but just didn't know where to begin

  • you want to start a running program the smart, safe way

  • you want a plan that starts where you are right now and won't be intimidating

  • you want a coach that will not judge you but motivate and encourage you


What this program includes:


  1. Complete questionnaire on current fitness and run goals as well as your lifestyle and daily schedule

  2. Initial set of tests to determine your current fitness level 

  3. Initial session by Skype for testing and check of proper form with basic exercises and discussion of program 

  4. Custom program creation taking into account your goals, lifestyle and level of fitness, updated weekly if needed

  5. Weekly check-in via email to assess progress, make changes as needed, and to encourage you



You may choose month to month or save a little and purchase 3 months at a time.

  • $100 a month for 2-5 running workouts per week plus suggested strengthening/flexibility exercises, or $285 for 3 months if paid all at once


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