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10 Things Running-February 2019

This month's 10 Things Running post is going to be 10 things I have thought recently while running. Prepare yourself, they are not "deep thoughts." These are all things I have thought in the past week while I was running. I will try to put them in the exact words that went through my head.

1. First up, while doing my intervals on the treadmill I found myself thinking, "I hate when I can feel my fat jiggling. Is my back jiggling? Do I have back fat that can jiggle? Oh my God, I have got to run faster!!"

2. Why can't magic be real?? I wouldn't use it for bad, I would use it to make the world better-at least my world. I wouldn't be selfish with my use of it but I would definitely use it to clean my house!!! Since cleaning fairies don't exist I would need to use my magic to help with this. I know if it was real people would use it wrong, like all the evil wizards in Harry Potter, but still, why????

Yes, I would be Hermione!

3. When I finish this run I am having a giant bowl of popcorn.

4. I hate wind. Seriously, if it was not windy it would not be that bad out here in the cold. Whatever, I hate the cold too!! Why can't I live somewhere warm??

What I feel like I am running in sometimes around here!

5. If I was magic I would control the weather so it would be nice and warm right when I got up so I could go out for a quick run before breakfast. Then if it wanted to be cold I guess that would be ok during the winter. I hate being cold. Cold is only good around Christmas and just long enough for me to wear all my cool coats and scarves.

6. Why is food so awesome?? It doesn't seem fair that it seems to be so linked with joy. I wonder if beer could possibly be a good recovery drink?? That beer I had in Hogsmeade was one of the best ones I have ever tasted!

7. I should totally learn another language while I am running. Ugh, it is so hard, I should just enjoy my run.

8. Repeating some words to help me keep going: I am strong, I am fierce, I am a warrior, I keep going, I don't quit.

9. If I want to know my potential I have to push my limits.

10. I am coming towards the finish, the crowds are cheering me on, I am getting a PR!! I like to imagine this when I am near the end of my run to make me run faster.

Woo hoo, I am the winner!!

Well, that wraps it up for this month!! I hope you are all having a great Monday. Of course, it is snowing and cold here. Pooh!! Oh well, I am not running today anyway. I had an awesome run yesterday even though it was chilly and windy. Chris drove the car beside me the whole time. It was awesome!!

Happy Running!



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