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10 Things Running-March 2019

It's that time again, time for 10 Things Running. As you know, if you have been reading the blog, I have just returned from Italy. I am behind on everything because of being gone for two weeks! I am getting it done before the last day of the month this time at least!

Before we get started enjoy this adorable picture of my dogs laying in the sun!!

Okay, let's get started.

1. First up this month is an article from about 4 training mistakes that marathoners make. I really liked this article because I have seen these 4 things in so many of my patients, which is likely why they are my patients. Anyway, it is a quick read so check it out and make sure you aren't making the same mistakes!

2. Next up is an amazing story about a team of guide dogs leading a blind runner to finish the NYC half marathon. This is truly amazing and a great read. Check it out here.

3. Number 3 is an article about 8 tips for running in the rain. I have tried several of these myself and they are good advice. With Spring here some of you might be running in the rain more. Check out the article here.

4. Next is a nice article on how to make a comeback to running after taking time off from runninforsweets. There is some practical advice for anyone who has had to take a break from running and then wants to get back to a more competitive level again. Check it out here.

5. With the Bolder Boulder coming up in a couple of months I thought this next article was an appropriate one to read now for anyone getting ready to start some training for this race. The 10k can be a tricky distance to train for and as many of you know if you have read previous posts of mine, the Bolder Boulder gets me every time!! I cannot seem to master that race! So, maybe this year will be the year!! Anyway, check out some tips from Amanda at RuntotheFinish.

6. Next is an article about performing double runs, or two runs in one day. The article gives some great insight into when it might be a good idea to use this strategy. I thought it was a good one for now as Kristie and I will be doing 4 runs in one day when we head to Carlsbad on April 7th. I really like the content on the McMillan Running site also. Check out the article here.

7. This next one is also from RuntotheFinish and it is about doing virtual races. I thought it was appropriate for this month since all of our races (mine and Kristie's) are virtual races this month. I had a hard time wrapping my mind around doing them and honestly, if I am not joining the live race it is harder to motivate myself but at the same time is good for me mentally. Check out the article here.

8. Next up is squats for runners and the benefits associated with them. This is from RunnersWorld. I have been doing the March Challenge of 100 squats every day and have really been liking how it makes my legs feel. Surprisingly, my knees do not hurt but actually feel even better! Check it out here.

9. This next one is about the art and science of pacing the marathon. This is written by Matt Fitzgerald and I love reading his content. I am the worst at performing appropriate pacing at a race. No matter how many times I tell myself I will start out slow I still seem to get it wrong. Check out his tips here.

10. Last, but certainly not least is an article on how to win the mental battle when it comes to racing. This is definitely a big problem because it is so easy to listen to the Negative Nelly in our heads especially when you are really fatigued in the race. Check it our here.

Well, that wraps it up for this month. Kristie and I have two more races for March and then I will post about our March races. I hope your Monday is off to a good start.

Happy Running!



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