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I wanted to share a few things from my friend Barbara from our last post. She sent me a few thoughts and some of her mantras she uses and said I can share them with you. I previously asked what kinds of things you do to motivate yourself to get out there and get your run in when you don’t feel motivated and also what you do or say to yourself to keep going in a run or race when you feel like stopping. Barbara shared the following with me:

"Everyone will have days when they are not motivated to run, walk, go to the gym, workout etc. On those days, I do a "body check" If I am sore and feel it would not be wise to run, then I give myself "permission" not to run and will try the next day. Sometimes, instead, I may go to my club for an easy workout OR I may give myself the day off ... and make myself a cup of nice warming spices herbal tea!

Most of the time, running is not a chore for me ... it is a privilege! If my lack of motivation is mental, then I do some "self-talk" ... I remind myself how blessed and fortunate I am to be able to work out and run when I want. For me, it is a privilege to be able to run, especially if I am coming off an injury and have not been able to run for several months. So, sometimes just telling myself how lucky I am - that I GET to run instead of I HAVE to run - is enough to motivate me to get out the door.

Yes, I may not push myself or be as intense or competitive like I used to be, but Oh Well ... I enjoy running for ME and doing the BEST I can.

I find now that I am older, I don't write down my running or life goals ... I seem to keep them in my heart and in fact, I don’t have very many and they are not very complicated. My most important goal is to live a good happy life with my husband and be the best wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend that I can. I work hard to achieve this big goal, by trying to stay injury free so I can be a lifelong runner, keeping active and fit, eating and cooking nutritious meals, keeping in touch with family and friends and living each day to the fullest."

She also shared these mantras she uses:

  • "Commit - Believe - Keep Going"

  • "Give it everything you have"

  • "Run Like the Wind"

  • "I am strong. I am tough"

  • "One mile at a time"

  • "Be Fearless"

She also said, "I find that my mantras address what I want to feel and not the adversity that I am trying to overcome."

Here are some of the mantras that I have used:

  • “Pain is weakness leaving the body.”

  • “I am strong.”

  • “You got this.”

  • “Do you have more in you? The answer is almost always yes!”

  • “I am thankful God has given me the health to be out here running.”

  • “Just keep running.” (Sung like Dory from Finding Nemo when she says, “just keep swimming…”)

If you have mantras you use, feel free to share.

I also want to share with you what may be one of my stupidest ideas or one of my most brilliant ideas. Chris and I need to lose weight and we need to eat food that has been hanging out in our pantry and freezer. We are hoping to do both at the same time with a little bit of role playing. I decided last night that we would take inventory of all the food we have and make our best guess for how long we think we can make it without going to the store and eat everything in this house. I estimated we could go 6 weeks without going to the store. I know, that is insane but what can I say, we love Costco! If we must go to the store for something like lettuce for our salads, then we must run there or ride our bike there. We are not allowed to go to the store using our cars, it must be man-powered locomotion. The other caveat is that we must go all out on the way there and back because Zombies are likely out there. So, tonight is the last night before the Apocalypse. Starting tomorrow, no going to the store for 6 weeks!! If we run out of food, too bad, we will go hungry!

I also want to share with you a product I just used that I liked. I have gone to the salon several times to have my hair colored. I get bored with it and must do something. Anyway, I have gotten good results and horrible results at salons. So, I just started doing it myself figuring I could save about $150 and use a box at home and get about the same results. I recently came across a website called You answer several questions about your hair and they put up the colors that will work on your hair. You choose from those colors. You can pick other colors but they only put the ones up that will work with your current hair situation based on how you answered the questions. Next, your personal stylist emails you to verify information about your hair, get a picture, etc. They spend time emailing you to get accurate information to give you the best results. Anyway, I ordered a color and received it in the mail and it came in a nice box with everything you need. The bottles even said on the label, “made for Kristi Campanella.” It was all very cute. I did everything the instructions said and got a color that I really loved!! Since it was my first order it was only $10. The normal price is around $20. They say it is salon-quality product. This is still so much cheaper than a salon and I got better results! Anyway, I wanted to share in case any of you are like me and like to experiment with color on your hair.

I found a way to get a free, nice outfit. Last week I was looking through a catalogue I like named Boston Proper. Most things in it are too expensive for my wallet. I was showing Chris some things I liked and he said he would buy me one if I scrubbed the grout lines naked. (Yes, we are still working on this floor!) Now, I don’t recommend doing this if other people are helping you with your task but since no one was going to be helping us I thought, “Why not, this is an easy way to get a free outfit.” So, I did it. I would hate to have seen myself but I must say it was totally worth it!! Chris teaches at night so has some extra money at times so he can buy me a treat here and there!!! Aren’t men great??

I started a course to be certified in Sports Nutrition today. You should see how huge the textbook is!! It is a little daunting! I am super excited about what I am going to learn. I am guessing they will not suggest role playing the Zombie Apocalypse as a method of eating.

I hope you all have had a great week. I am looking forward to our 10-mile run this weekend. It is supposed to be 76 degrees this Saturday. We have about 5 of us that will be meeting up in Denver to run. Anyone that is local and wants to join us just email me and let me know. We may even see Barbara. She will be doing her last long run before Boston!! Let’s all cheer her on! Yay Barbara!! You are tough!

Have a great weekend! Prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse!



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