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Happy Halloween

Hi everyone and Happy Early Halloween!! I don't think I will have much time for posting tomorrow, except hopefully a picture of me in my costume (Danaerys from Game of Thrones), so I thought I would post today. In case you don't know this about me, I LOVE dressing up for Halloween! Actually, I love any reason to dress up in costume! I have an entire closet full of costumes!! This year, as mentioned above I will be the Mother of Dragons, Breaker of Chains, blah, blah, blah, let's just say, Queen of Everything!! I don't really have anywhere to wear my costume this year since I am not working like I used to but I will go into the office for a little while just to have someplace to go in my costume, and because I actually have some work to do!!

I know that these foods are complete trash and I usually wouldn't buy them but I just could not resist. I bought Pop Tarts that are made with Halloween designs on them. I have not had a Pop Tart in probably 20-30 years!!! I also bought these crazy Little Debbie pumpkin cookies which I am sure are full of awful things as well.

Aren't they adorable??

I figure if I can't enjoy some of the treats of the season then what kind of life am I living?? I would rather run 10 extra miles or lift more weights, or whatever it takes to enjoy some of these simple, yet joyful treats!!! This time of year starts my favorite time of year for great treats!! I have to work out 1-2 extra workouts a day in order to enjoy some of the treats. I love the Pumpkin Spice Latte, or PSL as us fanatics call it. I also love almost anything chocolate with peppermint!! Costco has these peppermint pretzel snowflakes that are insanely good! My husband and I cannot resist them. They only have them for a short time so we have to buy extra bags as soon as they come out! Don't judge! I don't like these treats any other time of the year, but there is something wonderful about them from November to January!! Anyway, that leads me into my next topic, the Holiday Challenge.

This year I decided to change it up a little from only running to other options so more people might participate. Last year we did run a mile every day from November 1-January 1. That doesn't sound hard but you wouldn't believe how hard it is to get it in every day. Some days I would forget and have to do my mile at 10:00 at night!! Anyway, this year I debated on the date to start because 60 days can be hard to stay committed to the workouts, so I thought about waiting until Thanksgiving. After thinking about it a while I decided that we really should get a head start on the holidays and work a few pounds off before they ever start! So, alas, I am going to start the challenge on November 1st again. I will post it on the challenge page but also here. This year the challenge will be to either run 3 miles or perform 60 minutes of any other exercise every day from November 1-January 1st. Of course, it will be on the honor system that we will all keep track of each day and whether we complete our run or 60 minutes every day. I decided on 60 minutes because I believe that we need that much if you aren't running that day in order to keep our pounds in check during the holidays. So, go ahead and have one pumpkin cookie or one peppermint mocha latte, but don't forget to run or do your 60 minutes!!!

Anyway, that's all for today. I am working on some other posts such as the vegan one I talked about several weeks ago. I am also working on a post from a book named Peak Performance that helps you find your purpose.

Have a happy and safe Halloween!!



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