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Let's Get This Holiday Party Started

Well, Halloween is over so it is time to get started on the real holidays!! Last year I waited until Thanksgiving to start all of my Christmas decorating and festivities and I ran out of time. We didn't get to do all of the holiday things in Colorado and I barely got to watch all of my Christmas movies. So, this year I decided to start today. I love to soak in all the goodness, cheer, treats, and joy that this time of year brings with it. Yes, I know I should have Christmas cheer all year round and be nice to people all year (which I am) but this time of year is just special. It is fun to believe in all that the Christmas season brings with it, even if it is just for a short time each year!! Of course, I like Thanksgiving but let's be real, it is just about pigging out on yummy food! I love all the things to do at this time of year, all the lights, all the ways that people are nicer than at other times of the year! Yes, I am obsessed!! I started putting up some decorations today and I am listening to a Frank Sinatra Christmas CD right now!! Before I completely move onto Christmas I thought I would at least post a picture of me and my "dragons".

For those of you who are local I hope you get out and enjoy some of the great Christmas things that Colorado has to offer.

Some of my favorites are:

Botanical Gardens Blossoms of Light

Ice Skating outside in Keystone

Larimer Square Festivities

All of the Turkey Trot Runs

All of the Jingle Bell and Santa Stampede Runs

Driving around the rich neighborhoods to see their awesome lights

Zoo Lights (this was not as good last year)

The Excel Parade of Lights

Lighting of the City and County Building

This year I want to check out the Polar Express Train Ride and Chatfield Gardens Trail of Lights.

There are so many things to do here during the holidays but those are some of my favorites. My most favorite thing to do this time of year is to get a Starbucks and walk around an outdoor mall with my husband and enjoy all the lights and Christmas trees. I know it is a strange thing to like but I love it. I don't even need to buy anything, just walk arm and arm with my hubby and our Starbucks while I enjoy the magic of it all!

If you have not gotten out in your town to check out some of the great things the Christmas Season has to offer I highly recommend it. If you live in Colorado and you have other favorites please let me know. I hate to miss out on anything awesome! Also, if you have not jumped into a holiday race then I highly recommend it. They can be very chilly but still very fun and festive. I like to wear my candy cane dress or elf costume when I run them!!

I hope you are having a great November 1st!! Get the holidays going and make sure you keep up your running or exercise to make up for those extra pounds that you know are coming!!!

Everyone should have some mistletoe in their house to get some Christmas kisses!!

My dogs' new Christmas sweaters!!

My lamp from my great friend Wendy to celebrate our love for one of the best Christmas movies ever, The Christmas Story!!

Here is a funny thing about me and that movie. When I was dating if a guy didn't think that was a funny movie I would just break up with him because I knew there was no future for us!! He also had to like The Princess Bride and Better Off Dead or he was better off without me!!

Have a great night!

P.S. You should not drink Chianti and blog because you might burn your dinner!!



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