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This Week

Hello Friends,

I have not posted lately because my stepmom passed away unexpectedly late Thursday morning. I have been in TN since Friday with my Dad and sister. We will be having a service this coming Saturday then I will be coming back to Colorado. My dad and stepmom were married over 40 years and this December 22nd would be their anniversary. My stepmom, Marie, was a positive spark in my Dad's life. He will miss his friend and companion dearly.

My brother and I came to live with them when I was almost 15 so Marie has been in our lives for a long time. She was a good-hearted, kind person and was always your best cheerleader. She truly believed in you and thought you could do anything you set your mind to. She was a teacher for years and I am sure she imparted this same undying belief in her students.

Below are a few pictures of Marie and one of her and my dad on their engagement. She was definitely taken from this world too early but I know in my heart that God kept her from suffering. We have to just trust sometimes that He knows the timing better than us.

I will tune in again next week.


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