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December Race (last one of the year!)

Well, we finally reached the end of the year and the end of a race every month. We did the December race last Saturday the 3rd. It was supposed to be a virtual race (even though Lizette and I had no intention of doing it virtually but we hoped others would). We did not get any takers on completing the Platform 9 3/4k race virtually. Lizette, Chris and I all did it at the lake in Frederick. We warmed up and then went for it. We even took pictures afterward with our medal!! I previously showed you the medal for this race but I will put a picture again down below. It is the front of the Hogwarts Express from the Harry Potter books/movies. You open the medal and push a button and the train's light comes on! It is so cool!!

It was really chilly that morning. Thank goodness it warmed up a little. None of us were feeling our best but we got our butts out there and we did it!! So, for all you slackers who were at home staying all nice and warm, I hope you feel guilty!!

Anyway, it was great running a race every month because we got to check out races that we hadn't done before. It was also hard because you were almost always racing on tired legs. Sometimes there was not much down time between races. It felt like my legs were tired almost the entire year!!! It also led to some burnout in both Michelle and me. I am not sure I would purposely do it again.

So, even though I am done racing every month, I actually have a race in January. What the heck am I doing??? We decided to do the Arizona Half and meet my new friend, Kristie out there. She lives out there and said she signed up so we will meet her at the race. If you don't remember I met her at the pool at the hotel in San Jose when Michelle and I were there for the race.

I hope y'all are having a great December! We are less than 20 days away from Christmas. Holy cow!! I hope you all have a safe and happy holiday season and a Merry Christmas!! See below for some of the goodies I cooked this weekend!!

We are going to have to run a lot of miles to run this stuff off!!!

One final thought I had...Is there an age where you no longer trust a fart??



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