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Merry Christmas

Hi friends! I hope you all had a great holiday. It was a bit of a bummer having Christmas on a Monday because most people didn't get Friday off and then had to be back at work Tuesday. I took today off so I could do all of my after Christmas shopping. I go every year and get all of my things for the next year. I buy any replacement Christmas things I need such as lights that have burned out and Christmas cards or ornaments. I also get several things for gifts for people the next year. I buy up everything at 75% off and pack it away for the next year. I got all of my gift bags and cookie tins. It was so great getting cute gift boxes for 50 cents!! I see no reason to pay full price.

This year I also told my husband not to buy me anything for Christmas and just let me go shopping after Christmas and get the deals. Usually, we would go together but he had to get up a 5:00 this morning to go to work in the freezing cold!! I went out early this morning to Big Lots, Hobby Lobby, Steinmart, and Macy's. I also went to Starbucks of course and used one of my gift cards I got for a present!!

I got 5 tops for work at Macy's today for $78 and that is including tax!! Isn't that amazing?? I love to get great deals. I almost never pay full price for anything (except running stuff!!). I buy my sandals in the winter, my boots in the summer. I watch the prices on where I want to travel and as soon as I see a great price I buy it. Earlier this year we went to Italy for 2 weeks. We went to Florence, Rome, Sperlonga, Terracina, Formia, Fondi and Gaeta. We spent $3200 total. This included our flights, hotels, all of our meals, the clothes I bought in Rome and all the boots I bought in the other towns. That was the price for absolutely everything. I watched for the best deal and got it. My friend told me that it cost her $5000 to take her kids to Disneyland!!! Isn't that crazy? I mean, I love, love, love Disney, but I went to Italy for 2 weeks with my husband for way less!!

Ok, let me get back on track. December 23rd my husband and I had this idea (well I had it) to run and shop. We thought it would be nice to get them both done at the same time since we were going to lose daylight before we could finish our shopping. We thought we would call it Shopercise. So, we dressed in very warm running clothes and headed to the outdoor mall. Any of you in Colorado know that it has been bitter cold lately. Well, we ended up shopping and then running. We actually did more of a drinkercise rather than shopercise.

We took off a little before the sun went down. We ran 2 miles to a Caribou coffee/Einstein Bagel shop. We didn't even know it was there, we ran to a new area so it was a nice surprise. We stopped in and got a small coffee and bagel to share quickly and took off again. We ran a few more miles right to Red Robin. We went in and had a 16 ounce Stella. That was too much beer for me, it made me so full!! Anyway, we had to run back to the car after that and it was not parked close. It was so cold then!!

It has been so cold lately we have been using quarterbacks to say the temperature. For instance, it was Peyton Manning cold when we ran back to the car. Christmas Eve night my phone said 1 degree!! So, it was Warren Moon cold. We definitely saw it hang out at Elway cold for a while over the weekend also. It was cool to be at Elway or Manning!! Ok, we are dorks, we know it!! Well, I am picking my cousin up at the airport at 12:45 am so I think I will take a very short rest (if I can) before I drive to the airport. I am putting a few pictures of my dogs on Christmas, some of the food from Christmas Eve and my husband cleaning Christmas Eve. I hope everyone had a great one!! Happy Running!!

Here we are at Star Wars Christmas morning.


Check out a few Christmas pics:



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