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Budweiser Brewery Lights

Last night my husband, my cousin and I went up to the Budweiser plant in Ft. Collins to check out the Brewery Lights. It was a good time. It was free and they gave you a wrist band with 4 pull off tabs for 4 samples of beer. Each sample was about 1/2 of a beer. You could give them 2 tabs for a full-size beer. I am not a Budweiser fan (except Bud Light Lime, which I love in the summer after a nice, sweaty run) but the samples were of more of their specialty beers. We had Lemonade-rita and ShockTop. I liked them both.

The lights were not anything spectacular but the experience was actually quite fun. We walked the trail to a Gazebo and got samples of beer then we went inside to the gift shop and bought a really cute Christmas ornament and we took a picture together that was also free.

They had fire pits with tables and chairs for roasting marshmallows to make smores or to just sit around and drink hot chocolate or beer. You could use tokens to get a smore kit. They also had a bar where you could order other things and food.

We went into the stables where the Clydesdales stay when they are here but they were not here, they are in St. Louis right now.

For a free experience I thought it was fun.


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