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Ready to Run in Arizona

Well, we are here in Tempe, AZ ready to run the Arizona Rock N Roll Half in the morning. The weather is amazing here. It was 76 degrees today! We went for what we thought was going to be a 3 mile run to Target but missed a turn and ended up running 4.5 miles. That isn't a big deal but then we walked all over the shopping area and now we are getting ready to walk another 2 or so miles to Starbucks because we are addicted to coffee and the coffee in the hotel is definitely sub-par. We somehow always make the same mistake the day before the race, being on our feet way too much. We figure since this race is not our big goal race for the year it won't matter much.

We went to the Expo today to pick up our race bibs and it seems like they are getting stranger vendors all the time. I have not been able to understand the dog food vendors at the expos. Today we saw make-up booths!! This is definitely the strangest one I've seen at the race expos! I don't run with many people that actually wear much make-up so it was definitely weird to me. On the other hand, they had some of the best Brooks apparel at an expo that I have seen in a while. I didn't buy anything except my usual tank top with the race info on it but they had some really cute stuff. If we weren't going to Rome in April I would have bought some but oh well, First World problems! I didn't care for the picture on the tank for this race but I really liked the color so I went ahead and got it.

Check it out. I just noticed my toes are in the picture! Ha ha!

Another kind of cool thing at this expo is that they had a strip like what they use to prove that you crossed a certain point in the race on the floor as you entered into the main area of the expo. It picked up your chip in your bib and put your name up on the board. It is dorky but fun! Here is mine and Chris's. You have to zoom in to see our names but, like I said, kind of fun.

Because we impulsively registered for the Rome marathon without really thinking through it we realized we will not be able to take a rest after this race because we will fall behind in training so this race is just going to be a training run for us. We will work on feeling our pace, keeping ourselves slow for the beginning and having a negative split.

Well, off to Starbucks!! Have a great night! I will update after our race!

Happy Running!



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