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Meal Planning Tips to Make More Time for Running

I am a big fan of meal planning. Mostly I like meal planning because I love when it feels like I am saving time on some task. I don't think it even matters what the task is, there is just some joy in knowing I saved some time. What am I going to do with all this saved time? Who knows? Hopefully have more time to run!!!

Anyway, I also like meal planning because it helps me to not murder the fridge or pantry when I come home starving and have no idea what I want to cook. You know, you come home absolutely starving, you didn't plan what meal you were going to make so now everything is free game. You start eating chips, cheese, anything within reach and chasing it down with almond milk or beer or both. Please do not tell me you have never been at this lowly place!!

I have come across several meal planning tips or even plans for the week on some blogs that I follow and I thought I would share them with you.

The first one is from Mix and Match Mama. I don't always read all of her posts because a lot are about children and since I don't have children I am not terribly interested in reading about her Disney trip with her kids, but I do really like her meal planning Monday posts. Even though I do not make a lot of the recipes or I don't make them the way she does (I know, shocker!) I use them to get ideas for my meals for the week.

Here is one of hers from March:

The next one is from Skinny Taste.

Here is one from two weeks ago:

The last one comes from The Everygirl. This site is really directed more at millennials but I still enjoy some of their posts.

I also thought I would share Nutrition Stripped's Guide to Meal Planning Like a Boss. This just gives you some good, basic ideas to get started with meal planning and prepping.

Anyway, I hope you find some useful information in today's post. I don't always meal plan or prep every week because let's face it, you just forget sometimes or just don't feel like it. When I do meal plan and prep it definitely makes my week easier when it comes to meal times. (That just made me think of that guy on that commercial, "I don't always drink beer, but when I do, it's Dos Equis, or something like that!) This guy:

It also makes it easier for my husband to know exactly what to start cooking when I am working late. I used to go so far as to write it in a notebook with the page number and cookbook it was from, but now if I think it is something he will cook I make it simple, like Spinach Salad.

I will lead you into thinking you should meal prep by saying that if you do you will have more time for running and you can think of good meals for your hard run days ahead of time instead of trying to plan it before or after the hard run and wasting time that could be spent running!!!

Meal planning also lets you take a quick glance at your meals for the week to see where you might be leaving things out, such as your greens!!

I hope you are having a great morning! Have a great weekend!

Happy Prepping and Running!



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