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A Quick Note Before the Marathon

Ciao from Rome! I wanted to send out a quick post before we head to bed tonight. It is 11:00 pm here in Rome and we have been walking around and up/down hills and me wearing some sandals with slight heels all day!! We told ourselves that this time at least we wouldn't do all the dumb things we always do the day before a marathon to get our legs tired but once again we did!! Our legs were too tired to even go out for dinner!! We ate some bread with cheese in the room! This is the most time I have ever spent in my hotel room in Italy! I have to say that the TV selections are not what we are used to!!

Anyway, it is supposed to be pretty warm for the marathon and we have a late start (8:52) so we will definitely be doing our hardest miles in heat. I like heat but not necessarily for the end hour or so of a marathon and especially when I haven't been training for it.

We spent the day with our friends in Rome, Tino and Sigal. Tino drove us to Braccione and another town with a beautiful lake but I can't remember the name. We walked around and sat and ate and had some beers then sat in the back of the typical European car (small, even by my standards since I drive a small car) a few hours today. I thought I would quickly post some of the pictures from our trip so far. We have not run AT ALL!!!! I guess we will really be primed for tomorrow. Check out some of the pictures below.

My battery on my computer is dying and the cord that I can plug it into is across the room so I need to get going!! I suppose we should go to bed also!




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