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Last Night in Roma!

Well, today is our last day in Rome. It rained and I mean rained all day! We got absolutely soaked. We were determined to get this delicious treat down in the Jewish Quarter called Jewish Pizza. It is from a bakery called Boccione. It is amazing. I am not totally sure what all is in it but I know it has almonds, dried fruit and I guess quite a bit of sugar because something is making it taste so awesome. Our friends tell us it has a little bit of everything in it but is kosher. Anyway, all I know is that it tastes amazing. We bought 12 of them in hopes of trying to keep them fresh so we can take some home to my dad and my uncle. They are so good that I am not sure they will make it that long.

Today was mostly about getting completely soaked and cold by the rain and wind. Yesterday we were sweating in the 79 degree sunny weather and today soaked and freezing. It feels a little like home!

We went to get our Jewish pizza then we went to buy Chris's grandma some black boots then back to the room to wring out our clothes. I am not kidding when I say we were soaked. We ended up taking our clothes to a laundromat and the guys there washed, dried and folded out clothes for 10 Euros in 1 hour!! It was the best 10 Euros we have spent!! Now we have dry clothes for our trip to Milan.

We have the day free and will spend a few hours on the train so we won't get into Milan until 4:00. We will walk around and find a place to have dinner. The next day we have a walking tour and see The Last Supper by da Vinci. The day after that we have a bike tour and a rooftop tour but it is supposed to rain pretty much the rest of our trip. So, we are thinking of hopping on the train to Florence and Venice instead for a day or two.

Anyway, I guess that wraps up today. We had a fantastic dinner that was 2 antipasti plates, a bottle of Chianti, a first course for each of us and a second course for each of us (Chris: spaghetti carbonara and steak; me: risotto and caprese salad). We also had Tiramisu and espresso after dinner. All of this cost us $79 with tip included!! Isn't that amazing?? The food was fantastic!

Here are a couple of pictures from the day but we didn't get to take many because of the rain. The wind was so bad it tore our umbrella. We had to just throw it away.

Have a great day!!



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