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At the finish of the Rome Marathon

Well, we have been back home for a week now and we are finally starting to feel normal again!! We have never been affected by jet lag like this time. I think because we got delayed for so long in Minneapolis due to a snow storm and had to be awake for about 33 hours and then we both got a cold when we got home that it kind of threw us off. So, last week I didn't get much done.

I have decided to take a break from running before I start some base building and then training for Chicago. My thought was that by taking a break I would really be dying to run by the time training started. I was right, I am already struggling not going out for a run. I think I will just go ahead and start on some easy runs this week with the nice weather.

I am going to be making my own training program, which I have almost always done but this time I am going to throw some of my usual processes out the window. I love to experiment with different training programs/styles/ideas so this time I am going to experiment with a mixture. Once I have it complete I will post it for you to check out and laugh at or think I am some sort of amazing program wizard!

I read almost every running book there is out there and every training approach there is out there. I am going to mix some things like, The 9 Mile Marathon Method, Yasso 800's, Long Slow Runs, Fast Finish Runs, Goal Race Pace workouts into my program this time. Someday I will write a post on all the different ideas out there and how I put a program together for someone. Putting programs together and customizing them for the person is something I absolutely love doing.

Putting my own program together has made me really have to be honest about my own weaknesses. I have to face facts that I am no longer fast, I need to lose weight and I have probably been a bit wimpy or at a minimum lackadaisical with my training for many years. Because I know my weaknesses I am trying to incorporate them all into my plan. We will see what happens!!

Anyway, I just wanted to say Happy Monday now that I am feeling somewhat back to normal. I also wanted to give a shout out to my friend Barbara who completed Boston (again) this past week in the coldest start they have had in 122 years! They had torrential rain and freezing temps for the whole race. They had some of the slowest times ever. Barbara kept going and only finished 2 minutes off the time she wanted even in those conditions!! She is my running hero!! Way to go Barbara! Below is a picture of her with her hubby at the race.

Happy Monday, Happy Running!



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