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Brussels Sprouts and Butternut Squash Salad (sometimes you just have to make do)

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

As usual I found a recipe that sounded really yummy but I did not have all the ingredients for it. I had some that were close so thought I would just change it up as is my usual MO.

I found this original recipe at Julia's Album.

You can go straight to the original recipe by clicking on the link above. Or, you could make do like I did and make it with the ingredients you have at home.

I made it with about 3 cups of Brussels sprouts that I sliced in the food processor. They were supposed to be sliced in half and placed face down on the roasting pan, but I just don't have the patience for all that so I just used my food processor like usual. Having made the recipe now I realized that when you slice the Brussels sprouts in the food processor like I did they "shrink" a little (much like George on Seinfeld) so you may want to use a little extra.

Next, I put about 4 cups of Butternut squash that I bought at Costco already cubed and ready to go on a baking sheet.

I put the squash on one baking sheet and the sprouts on the other and put olive oil on both. Then I sprinkled sea salt on the brussels sprouts and put cinnamon and maple syrup on the butternut squash and mixed it up right on the baking pan. I don't measure things usually so I just poured it all on.

I already had the oven preheated to 400 degrees so I popped both in for about 25 minutes stirring as needed.

(Please forgive my photo skills!)

While those were cooking I used some preserves from Costco again and put them in a skillet with walnuts and some raisins.

At this point my recipe is no longer anything like the original but you get the point, use what you have that somewhat resembles the recipe. It almost always works out!

When everything was done (which I don't really know how long that is because I don't time things and I don't measure things!) I put it all in a big bowl and mixed it up then served it up for my lunch. I will save the rest for dinner tonight.

Voila! I have a nice, lunch and dinner! Since winter has not wanted to give up so easy this year I am still eating winter foods!!

It also has some good carbs for your run!!



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