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Happy Monday

Good Monday Morning! I hope you are off to a good start! I also want to say that I hope all the moms out there had a great day of celebrating themselves yesterday!! We had a great day here despite the weather.

We worked on the last railing for the deck yesterday so now it is completely closed and we just have to build the ramp for my dad and eventually a pergola over part of the deck for some shade.

We added 32 feet to the deck so now it is a total of 44 feet long. It is long and narrow but reaches our front deck now which is nice. In fact, we had Chinese food delivered yesterday and we just met him out on the new deck when he came to the front door and he just handed it over the rail!! It was great since we were eating out on the new deck. We haven't opened that section yet because we can't have the dogs scaring (or eating) the UPS, mail people! We plan to make an archway with a high gate that transitions to that deck eventually. Anyway, I have a picture of the closed-in deck below. Everything is pushed to the sides because of the downpour we had last night and so my dad can practice his walking out there.

Even though I am not a mom, my dad and husband got me cards for being a dog mommy. It was really cute. They also got me a plant to hang on the new deck. For the first time ever we were able to reach the window outside the kitchen and clean it so we took it all apart and scrubbed it. Now I can't stop staring out the window. It is so clean it is blowing my mind! I don't stare at it as much as I stare at my adorable car but pretty close. See below for my super clean window and plant!! I have to say that the plant scared me a couple of times last night when all the lights were off. It looked like someone was standing there!! We were watching Westworld at the time and it can be a bit creepy at times so my mind was already a little creeped out when I went to the kitchen to get water and was frightened by a plant!!!

For those of you in Colorado you know that you are not really safe to plant your gardens on Mother's Day and that was really proven yesterday! We got hail a few times last night. We had some crazy storms at my house. So, I didn't end up getting my run in yesterday because about the time I was going to go it started pouring and lightning. I will need to do it today so I can stay on track.

I am still not done making my program because we were doing other things this weekend but I hope to have it completed this week. I plan to go down to the Colfax marathon Sunday to cheer on some friends and then hopefully get in an easy run myself!!

Have a happy Monday and a great week!!! I am hoping for sunshine today!!

Happy Running!



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