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Confession Time

Ok, I was supposed to do all of my runs for May at a super easy pace but I have to confess that I didn't completely stick to that plan!!

I got this from Strength Running a long time ago and it cracked me up

I'll tell you why. Because, just like you it is so hard to stick to it for very long for every run. Some days are just so beautiful that you get out there and before you know it you are going too fast for what you said you were going to do that day!!

The biggest reason is because I just finished Amby Burfoot's new book and he had a couple of workouts in there that I couldn't wait one little week to try!! I didn't completely blow my slow-running plan because I still did easy running and just did a portion of the workout from his book.

One of the workouts was one he called a 30-20-10 workout. After you warm up you do 30 seconds of easy running, 20 seconds a little faster and then 10 seconds of sprints. You do this 5 rounds then you have 2 minutes of easy running or walking then repeat the whole cycle 2 more times.

I wanted to try it so I made it easier on myself so I wouldn't break my easy-running promise too much. After I ran 2 miles easy I did 2 rounds of the 30-20-10 with 60 seconds in between and I repeated that 4 times then cooled down. I have to tell you, I liked it. I think 5 round would kick my booty but I like it!!!

Another day I did 4 repeats of 800's after warm up and then cooled down with another 1.8 miles of easy running. Lastly, I did a short tempo pace run in the middle of my 4.5 mile run one day. I only did tempo pace for 14 minutes. So, there you have it, 3 times so far I strayed from my easy running plan, but only a little. Unfortunately it was 3 days in a row and I am a bit sore now!

I plan to get in about 5-6 easy miles today then a couple with a friend in the morning and then no more until Monday morning at the Bolder Boulder. I kept my training week like usual heading into Bolder Boulder because I do not plan to run at race pace, just for fun. Maybe I will even do the Slip N Slide this year!!

A few things I have noticed about running slow is that I can really look around at the scenery and enjoy it. I really noticed the smell of flowers. I could listen to my breathing. I could pay attention to my form and try small adjustments for a mile or so if I wanted. I am not saying you can't do this at other speeds but running super slow you have to really keep yourself enjoying other things because you will find yourself speeding up. Also, until I did those other workouts, I was not sore in the slightest after any run and in fact, if I was sore from yard work the nice, slow run took away the soreness.

I am going to continue with 80% of my runs being at easy pace as I head into June. Sadly, I still have not completed my Chicago plan. It is on my very long To-Do list for the weekend.

Well, I need to go for now so I can get started on my day. Here are a few pictures I took while out on some slow runs.

And here are a few pictures from some of my other projects from the week!!

Happy Running and have a safe weekend!



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