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Happy Monday

I hope all of you dads out there had a great Father's Day! I would have to guess that my dad's was not that spectacular since Chris and I were unloading a Uhaul trailer and putting things away most of the day! Although, we did buy him Amazon Unlimited Music before we left and he said it was one of the best presents ever!

We left last Wednesday when Chris finished at work and started driving to Tennessee to start clearing out my dad's house since he will be living with us from now on. We mostly went to get paperwork he needed and few other items he really wanted to have here. One item he really wanted was his hairbrush. This seemed like a funny item for a man to want until he told me why. He said that he always joked that when the brush was gone he would die also because he had had it for so long. So, it was imperative that I find it at his house!! Yes, I found it! I sent the picture to my dad and he said, "Thank goodness, I will live!"

Chris and I drove about 12 hours Wed and then slept about 5 and got up and drove another 6 on Thursday. Our family friend, Stacey had previously said to call if we were coming in town so when we were about 30 minutes out or so I gave her a call. She promptly loaded up her two wonderful children and drove to my dad's house to meet us!

I have to take a few moments to tell you how utterly amazed and grateful I was for Stacey's help. We did not expect this at all from her. Not only did she come help us for two days but she also made all of this food to bring to us as well as cleaning supplies, plates, etc. It was amazing! She and her children worked for hours that day helping us throw things in a roll off dumpster and sort through paperwork.

The next morning Stacey texted me at 7:45 and said she was on her way back over!! She spent the entire day working in the house and outside in the 96 degree heat with humidity. We did numerous trips to my aunt's house to take her things and we had to unload in crazy heat!. We drove an old mini-van that my dad had and my brother put a jump box in it and said, "it might not start when you get to Lisa's so you may have to jump it." My aunt doesn't have a car so obviously I was going to have to use this box thing he had just put in the van.

When we pulled out I asked Stacey if she knew how to use it, she said she was hoping I knew. I didn't but told her I was sure we could figure it out, we were smart!! I didn't want to tell my brother I didn't know how to use it and make him have to stop what he was doing for a tutorial. When we got there the second time Stacey was like, "leave it running, we don't want to get stranded!" We had to hustle to unload everything and we were drenched in sweat when we got back in the van! As a side note, my brother towed the van to his house and had it sold by 9:30 the next morning!!

Stacey and I also went up to my dad's attic which turned out was a good way to detox because it was a sweat box!! I was looking for Christmas decorations and trying to decide what to take to my house. Stacey promptly told me that I had to decide right away because the heat was too much! I told her she could head down and I would hand stuff down. As you all know, I can handle the heat!! It was pretty much the hottest I have been-even hotter than a sauna!!

That evening (Friday) Chris and I were loaded up around 8:30 to start driving back home. My brother was mowing my dad's grass and Stacey said for me to tell my brother that she would mow so he could finish up some other things!!! She then mowed the grass until the sun went down. She did not get home until after 10:00 that night from helping us.

I have experienced self-less acts from people in my lifetime but this one by Stacey really touched my heart. Stacey has always been a little part of our family but this just blew my mind that someone would work non-stop for two days for a friend! I was truly touched and also realized that I could use a little more of that in my own life towards others. I want to thank Stacey for her big heart and wonderful, self-less acts of kindness. She taught me a lot about how I want to make sure I act in my own life.

Here is a picture of Stacey and her husband and their children Cameron and Mia. Thank you for helping us!!!

I know I have said a lot about Stacey but I also want to say how wonderful my husband and brother were. They worked relentlessly for two days. We all barely took time to sit and eat except the first night. We did have a little down time with some food and wine when my friend Ginger came up to help after she got off work. I realized how blessed I am with good friends and family on this trip!

Not only did everyone work like crazy but my husband had to drive us all the way home because he didn't want me to have to pull the trailer in all the wind in Kansas. I had the pleasure of working with 3 of the hardest working, kindest and most giving people over the past few days and there are not words to describe how thankful and blessed I felt. Thank you Chad, Chris and Stacey for all of your hard work. Also a special thanks to my long-time friend Ginger who sacrificed her birthday dinner to come up and help us that night instead!!!

It is good to know that you have people you can count on when you really need it. I hope that all of you have people you can count on in your life. I hope that you are a person that others can count on as well!!

Well, I guess I should wrap up but before I go I will tell you one funny story from the trip. On the way home (the first night, friday), we were exhausted and looking for a hotel that had some rooms on the west side of St. Louis. We called this one hotel (around 1:30 am) and asked if they had rooms, yes they did; off to a good start. Then I asked where they were located and the girl said she was new and was bad with directions and did not know where they were located but there was a McDonald's and Ihop on either side of them and a Walmart down the street.

We weren't sure if we had gone past it yet or if it was coming up because for some reason our gps wasn't working. I then asked her which side of the freeway she was on, she didn't know. I asked her the exit number-nope; I asked her the street address of the hotel-still did not know. I honestly thought she might be messing with me until I got to the hotel and met this young girl.

She told me there was one room left and the price, which I thought was pretty high so I asked if there was any discounts. She went through the list and when she said military, I said, "yes, my husband is a Marine." She said, "great." The next sentence out of her mouth blew my mind. She asked me if the Marines were still considered the military!!!! I seriously almost fell over. I fought my instinct to say something sarcastic and just said yes because I was dying to go to sleep.

There were several more things she said and did before I finally got my room about 30 minutes later but I won't go on, you get the point! Anyway, I thought I was in the Twilight Zone or something. What is happening to millennials? Where was she raised? A farm in the middle of nowhere with no TV, radio, internet? I honestly could not believe how uninformed someone could be and I don't watch the news so I am uninformed usually and this really topped even me!!!!

Ok, I guess I better go. I hope the weather is nicer here today because I have got to run. I missed almost all my runs last week because of our trip!!

Have a great Monday!

Happy Running!



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