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Some Friday Feel Good

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

I have been a little off my game this week due to having to have a tooth with a previous root canal (from when I was 15) extracted. You would not believe what an ordeal this has been due to my allergies with antibiotics. It took 4 different places to finally find someone that would work with me and not sedate me. I want to give a shout out to the clinic I went to (even though I know they do not read my blog!!). I went to Ft. Collins Modern Dentistry and saw the oral surgeon there. Everyone, and I mean everyone was so nice at that office. I am going to send them a thank you note for how professional and friendly the entire staff was. The oral surgeon made me feel very comfortable with his plan and treated me with respect regarding my issues with antibiotics (I am allergic to almost all of them.). Anyway, I now have a big space where that molar was with bone packed in it, a membrane and stitches!! I am already doing better because the infection is out! I am sure this is going to make me run faster!!!

Ok, now back to today's post. I read an email this morning that was just a feel good email and also a good reminder of being a good sport. It was a reminder about losing graciously. I have to say that I may not always be the best loser because I am very competitive and like to win. Duh!! I think in sports I have always done ok as long as it didn't seem like someone was playing unfair, that seems to really get to me. In board games I may not do as well at losing!!

Ok, I couldn't resist a picture of the Patriots losing!! Maybe I am not a very good sport!

The one of Charlie below is just too funny to leave out! (See below in post)

I wanted to share a little from the email. The email is from Robert Glazer and is about sportsmanship. The email is one I subscribe to called Friday Forwards and is almost always some uplifting email. You can sign up for his emails here:

In Robert's email he talks about his son's soccer team and how the other team was beginning to get a little "chippy" as the time wound down and they were behind. He talked about one kid in particular that really seemed to be getting upset and making comments, especially at his son. After the game when the teams come together to shake hands this kid refused to shake hands and instead gave the team the finger. What??? What is wrong with this kid? Well, Robert says in his email that he would guess that based on his experience this child likely has one or both parents who are also sore losers. This just goes to show the importance of teaching children lessons like this by example. How awful that a young kid acted this way about losing a soccer game (not even some championship game, not that that would be ok either).

Anyway, he also goes on to also talk about a girl's softball team that showed amazing sportsmanship and had a video that is near impossible to watch without getting choked up a little. Here is a link to the video that shows what happened when Sara Tucholsky hit a three run homer over the fence but as she rounded first base she missed touching it and turned back to touch it and tore her ACL. She was unable to continue around the bases on her own and the rules state that she would not be given credit for the 3 run homer if her teammates helped her. Watch the video and see what happened.

Now, that is sportsmanship!! He also talked about how a pitcher in a play off game struck out his best friend and won the game. Before he went off to be with his team he ran up to his friend and hugged him to let him know that their friendship was still more important than the game.

You can check out the video here.

What great stories!! Obviously someone, somewhere taught these people what it means to be a good loser and also how to have good sportsmanship!! I personally think that most runners are good sports when it comes to running. You see people cheering on other runners during races or stopping to help them when they stumble or get fatigued, but we can all do with a reminder to be a good sport in life.

Anyway, I just loved the videos and thought I would share. I hope you all have a great weekend! I will be meeting my husband in Boulder today for a trail run and then a long run this weekend! And yes, Barbara, I am loving the heat!!

Happy Running!



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