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Happy Monday, Runs with a View

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

Good morning friends! I hope you had a good weekend. With the 4th being on a Wednesday it is hard to know which weekend to celebrate it so I guess it will just be both. I think I would rather have the 4th closer to one of the weekends but having a day off in the middle of the week is also nice.

Well, I got in a few nice runs over the weekend. Friday I picked my husband up from work in Boulder and we went to do a trail run. We ran/walked (because we are not in shape for trail running and because a lot of it is too rocky to run) for a little over 6 miles. My quads were dead after that run.

I also got in a 9 mile run yesterday on my own. I did the first 4.5 miles at a nice easy pace 1-2 minutes slower than my goal marathon pace, the next 2.5 miles at 30 seconds slower than marathon pace and the last 2 miles at goal race pace or faster. It was hard to pick up the pace for those last two because 1 mile of it is uphill. I was proud of myself for doing it but I did have to stop to catch my breath a few times! Anyway, I got a few pictures from the trail run and my run yesterday that I thought I would share. The one with the baby llama is so cute!!

Before I go I thought I would share a couple of 4th of July recipe posts that I like. I know there are others out there for 4th of July cocktails but some of those are just too complicated for my taste and require too many ingredients. So, I think I will just stick to my red wine. Anyway, here is a post from for 4th of July desserts. She makes the cutest things!!

Pizzazzerie also has some more simplified cocktails if you wanted to try some. You can check them out here.

If you have other 4th of July recipes you really like feel free to share please.

I hope you are off to a good start to your week this morning. Have a safe and fun holiday!

Happy Running!



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