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Good Monday to You!

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

Good Monday everyone! I hope you had a great weekend! We had a really nice weekend. I changed my day for my long run to Fridays because my husband is not training for anything right now so he is not running much anymore. I figured that I could do my long runs on Friday morning and save the weekends for us to do other fun things together.

We had our first Friday Fun Night together this past Friday also. We decided that we needed to implement Date Night again. With my dad living with us we tend to just hang with him every night and forget to do things with just the two of us so we decided to put one night a week into our schedule for this. For now it will be our Friday Fun Night.

We did not kick off this Friday with anything spectacular but it was still really great to have a night together. We went to the gym to swim laps, sit in the outdoor hot tub and then we went to Red Robin to finally use the gift card we had. We ate food that was terrible for us and it was awesome!! Then we came home and watched some Happy Gilmore and just hung out.

Saturday morning we rode our bikes to breakfast and then back home getting in a 25 mile ride which was really nice. I also found a new place to run some trails that I hope to try out this week in Erie.

Yesterday we just did work around here and went to the Farmer's market. We spent the evening reading Harry Potter with my dad. We are on the 4th book now and it is getting pretty exciting!!! (Ok, so I have read them several times and know what happens, but my dad doesn't, so it is exciting!)

I made my first ever homemade manicotti this weekend also. It turned out awesome. I made the pasta and just filled it with ricotta cheese and some basil we have been growing out on our deck.

I hope you all had a great weekend. I have continued my long runs nice and slow. This past Friday I ran 13 miles nice and easy with the last two at a faster pace and the last one about a minute faster than my planned marathon pace. I felt really good so I was happy about that.

I have completed my Chicago plan, finally. I will post it later this week. For this week, I have mile repeats today (4 of them) followed by strengthening, steady state run tomorrow for 50-55 minutes; easy 5 miles the next day followed by strengthening, yoga the next day then 15 miles on Friday. I hope to cycle and swim on Saturday and Sunday.

Well, before I go I wanted to share this article from Blue Zones about coffee.

As many of you know, I love coffee! I was very happy to see that I can drink it in peace and feeling good about all my cups!! Check out the article here.

I mean, science confirms it. Who am I to argue?!!

Well, off to get started on my day and hopefully run before it rains-it looks like it is going to!

Happy Running!



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