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Happy Monday!

Well, I hope your week is kicking off to a great start! I have been awake half the night because the wind has been crazy here blowing everything on my deck around. I put out items for DAV to pick up and had to bring them back in once because of rain and now this morning at 4:00 my husband was out there getting them all because they wind blew them!! Maybe it just was not meant to be!

Anyway, I want to start off today's post with some awesome and exciting news. My friend Barbara and her husband Bud both ran the Santa Rosa Marathon yesterday and they both qualified for Boston!! Bud placed 6th in his division and Barbara placed 2nd!! They continue to be my running heroes!! Way to go Barbara and Bud! Here are a few pictures their son sent me.

Aren't they adorable??

I just got back from Tennessee Saturday night. I was there for a few days to continue clearing out my dad's house. I also think I may have sold it which is awesome!! I will need to make one more trip to get a few more things out then I won't have to keep traveling there to do all this work! It was actually really fun to be there with just my brother for a day or so. Even though we were working we got a little time to visit and I really enjoyed that. I definitely wish I lived closer to them.

If anyone was watching my brother and me they got some good laughs! At one point my brother was just throwing things out the attic windows into the front yard! The dumpster was not quite close enough so he rarely hit the dumpster with whatever he was throwing out the window! He chunked a box of Christmas bows out which was not a good idea because they went everywhere!! He even threw a ladder out the window!! At one point he threw an old ironing board out that caught on the cord to the blinds on the way out and yanked them then swung into the house. He came running down because he was sure the ironing board crashed through a window. Thank goodness it didn't!!

I looked outside one time and he had his Ford F350 backed up next to the house with his ladder in the bed of the truck so he could get to the gutters and roof!!! I just decided I couldn't watch! Keep in mind, this is an intelligent person!!! Earlier when he was first going out the back door a wasp got in his shirt and stung him twice. He came in the house trying to squirm out of his shirt really fast. I had no idea what he was doing at first. I hate that he got stung, but it was kind of funny!!

(No, that isn't my brother, but you get the idea!)

He also went to drive the lawn mower up into his trailer and because it wasn't hooked to the truck the whole trailer started tipping back!! Like I said, if anyone was watching us they got some good laughs!! We probably looked like the redneck house movers!

I also got to visit with my good friend Ginger and run with my friend Mike who I used to train with so that was really nice!! It was a recovery week for me so I only had to do 12 miles for my long run which worked out perfect. Ginger dropped me off at Shelby Bottoms Park and Mike met me and he ran about 4.5 miles with me and then I ran until I got to 11 miles and Ginger was back from hot yoga to get me. I really enjoyed running there. The weather was perfect and I miss seeing all the green trees and grass! Here are a few pictures I took at the park.

I don't have a major topic to write on today. I am trying to think of something cool and challenging to do with running by my 50th birthday or even after but before I turn 51. I have come up with some ideas but I am not sold on any of them except maybe to do a 50-miler by the time I am 50. I have wanted to work my way up to that anyway but it just doesn't sound too unique!

So, I want to enlist your help. If you have any ideas of something I can do with running that will be cool but challenging and also has something to do with the number 50 (whether it be miles, days, minutes, reps, whatever) then let me know. I just haven't come up with anything great yet. BTW, I will be 50 in April!

I don't know what it is about turning 50 that makes us want to do something we haven't done before. Does anyone know or have ideas? I hear a lot of people that want to "do something" before they turn 50. Why is 50 a magic age? My friend wants to go to Italy and wants me to go with her. Who am I to deny her bucket list?? Of course I will go!!

Sometimes I think that 50 is when we realize we might only have a few more good years of having a truly toned body or it might be our last chance to get one before things start sagging!! Also, we know it is only a matter of time before wrinkles start showing up! Anyway, just a random thought.

I hope you are off to a good Monday!

Happy Running!



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