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Oops! I forgot to post this in August! 10 Things Running-August

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

Hi guys! This month's 10 Things Running is 10 Articles/Posts that I liked/found interesting.


1. This one is on running goals.

2. 6 Key factors to hitting your marathon goal by Greg McMillan

3. Guye Adola aims for fast lane in Frankfurt

4. Can the right mindset make you a faster runner? (I think so!)

5. I love this one because anyone who has run marathons can understand it: SOMETIMES THE MARATHON WINS…

6. How insane is the price of this shoe??? Check out the article on the Vaporfly.

7. I liked this on post-run nutrition mistakes. All too often we think that just because we ran we can eat whatever we want but that is not the case!! Or, we think we need way more than we actually need. THE 7 BIGGEST POST-RUN EATING MISTAKES

8. I like this one about building your willpower. HOW TO BUILD UP YOUR WILLPOWER

9. Reebok has a shoe made from corn! What??!!

10. This one is on traits of the mentally tough runner. As you can see I feel like I need more of this since several of the articles are about this!!

I hoped you enjoyed reading these. If you have others you really like, please share!

Happy Running!



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