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Happy Monday!

Hello everyone! I hope you are having a good Monday so far. I can't believe it is October 1st already!! I also can't believe that I am heading to another marathon feeling very unprepared!! I was doing so great with my training until I had to drive back and forth to TN and fly there to work at my dad's house. I missed way too many crucial runs and now I am thinking, "how am I possibly going to run a marathon this weekend?"

I guess I will go to plan B, run, walk when I need to and just get my butt to the finish line so I can have some yummy Chicago pizza!

I have been driving cross country, moving furniture and cleaning and wake up feeling like someone drove over me. I have been so tired and have missed almost every run for the past couple of weeks. When the training program said taper, I really took it literally!! I really hope that carrying furniture up stairs, moving it and cleaning magically gets you in good shape for a marathon!

I don't know how this is possible, but I cannot decide which pair of shoes I want to run in!! Yes, I have a mini-shoe store in my closet but I am in that weird phase where none of them feel like the magic is happening!!

I think after this marathon I am going to take a break from the full and go back to some half marathons for a while and then decide about doing a 50 miler. Also, I am still working on my idea for when I turn 50.

My aunt had an idea that I really like but I have to figure out the logistics of it and the finances of it. Races are not always cheap!! She had the idea that I should do 50 races from the time I turn 50 until I turn 51. She suggested jumping in a few 1 mile races along the way to make it more doable.

I really like this idea even though it will be near impossible. Here are some thoughts I have on it and I welcome any that you have.

1. I can do shorter races for most of my races.

2. I can do as many local ones as possible

3. I can do virtual races

4. I can race different friends in a "mock" race.

What do y'all think? Do you think I can count it if I set up a race with a friend? For example, it could be a friend that would meet with me locally or we could do it while on our phones for the start. We would both be on the phone for ready, set, go then we race then stop our watches and call each other back to see who won. Or if it was someone local we would just race each other, no support, start or finish line, just us.

Well, that is all I have for this morning. I really hope it will not be raining for the Chicago marathon!!! Running a 5k in the rain can be fun. Running a marathon in the rain is a good way to get chafed!!

Happy Running!




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