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Last Night in Chicago

Tonight is my last night in Chicago. It was a gorgeous day here today with a high of 82. Why couldn't it have been sunny yesterday for the race?? Yes, 82 is too hot for a marathon but the gorgeous morning we had would have been so nice for the race.

Before I say more let me say that today would have been my stepmom's birthday and I want to just send some messages to her to let her know I was thinking about her and fun memories we had together!! She would have definitely come to cheer me on in Chicago if she could have! So, here's to you Marie!!

This morning I got out and walked around so I could get my legs moving. Man was I sore!! I walked down to a mall I think called Water Town Station but I'm not sure I got that right. It is a mall in a tall building. I also walked along the Magnificent Mile which is a great walk.

I haven't been in Chicago for about 20 years or so. I previously came with my friend Wendy and her husband (who was her boyfriend then), my sister and a girl I did not know well but invited because she had been through a bad break up. That turned out to be a big mistake! Do not invite people you barely know on vacation with you!!

We came here to go to a Rolling Stones concert. It was at the United Center. Back then it was not a good area. When we came out of the concert there were no taxis which seemed so weird to us because back then there were tons of taxis in Chicago. We started walking around and all the houses were boarded up or had broken windows. We finally saw a police officer and he asked us what we were doing out here. We told him we were looking for a taxi and he told us that taxis did not come out here unless you called for them because this was a really dangerous area. He proceeded to tell us we needed to get out of there and get back to our hotel. He showed us a bus we could take.

It turned out that the bus driver had just started that day and had no idea where she was going. The bus was lost and a drunk passenger was trying to direct the driver. People were drunk and throwing up on the bus. We kept saying that as soon as we got back into town and saw a taxi we were jumping off that bus. Turned out everyone else had the same idea and kept beating us to it. We finally got back to our hotel but it was quite the adventure.

Anywho, back to today!! Today there are not taxis all over the place, likely due to Uber and Lyft. Where I stayed was in a really nice area. Chicago is very cool looking. It is a beautiful city. It was super crowded today because of all the runners still in town.

While I am on the topic of runners still in town, can someone explain to me why so many runners wear their medals all over town the day after the race? I know that some places offer discounts to runners (they did in New York when I did that marathon), but even then, can't you just carry the medal in your pocket or purse? I just don't really understand it. I wouldn't want to just because it is heavy and I would feel like I am trying to brag or show off. If any of you wear yours the day after the race maybe you can enlighten me.

I have been in my room most of the day doing some work on the computer that I never seem to have time to get to. I am getting all caught up. I ordered room service for dinner and got the most expensive salad I have ever had!! I have to say, it was worth it because I have really been craving something healthy. I have been eating mostly snacks in my room or restaurant food so I was really happy to get something healthy!!

Ok, so the beer I got was not healthy but the salad was, arugula with quinoa. It was so good! A mere $33 will get you this meal!

Well, I guess I better go for tonight. I am ready to go home. If someone was here with me I would like to stay and wander around more but being by myself I am just ready to get home and get some things done. I am looking forward to my first run again after I have recovered for a few days!!

Here are some pictures from my day!

Have a great night!

Happy Running!



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