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Good Monday to You!

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

Good Morning! I hope you are off to a great Monday. We had a good weekend around here. Chris's brother had his annual pig roast and it was also a Halloween/costume party. I went as Elasitigirl from The Incredibles. I also got a Gryffindor outfit that I plan on wearing on my way to Harry Potter World on Halloween. Here are a few pictures.

We did our run yesterday-I did 9.75 and Chris did 8. So, I feel a little better about heading to Vegas in a couple of weeks. I just ran slow and steady because for some reason my legs have been really sore and stiff for the past week or so. After the run my legs felt tremendously better! I think keeping it nice and slow acted like a recovery run for me.

I have a lot of things to get done so I don't have much time for writing today. Before I go I have to share this bit of running news because it blows my mind. The half marathon record was broken by 5 seconds by Abraham Kiptum. You can read about it here. He ran it in 58:18!!! Man, that is fast!! Isn't that amazing??

Well, I guess I better get going on my to do list for the day. Have a great week!

Happy Running!



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