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Happy Friday!

Well, I have been back to reality all week, with no magic!! My wand does not seem to work here, bummer! Oh how I wish magic was real! I know, I know, some would use it for evil! Dang you Slytherins!

Ok, now I am back to reality! I wore my new Gryffindor sweatshirt to run errands the other day and you would not believe all the people that said things to me! I did not think there would be that many Potterheads just doing my errands.

I went into the bank and the teller told me how much he liked my sweatshirt and then proceeded to tell me he was a HufflePuff!! Ha ha! I was cracking up because he was dead serious! One of the other tellers came over and said he was a Ravenclaw!! Yes, they were serious. When I was walking out of the bank a customer stopped me to tell me how much she loved my sweatshirt and that she was a Gryffindor. Next I went to Costco and I bet 10 people told me how much they loved my shirt!! See below for my sweathshirt. I took the selfie at Harry Potter World and you all know I am not good at selfies!

I honestly thought I would be the biggest dork around about Harry Potter but turns out there are a lot more of us around than I thought, and a lot that are way bigger dorks than me!! The guy at the bank told me the first thing he did when he got there was buy his HufflePuff robe! They were $115. I could not bring myself to do that.

I'm not sure why so many of us love the stories. Maybe it is the incredible imagination in it all, maybe the magic, maybe the good versus evil. Who knows, but it is fun!!

Well, we head to Vegas tomorrow to run The Strip. The race is Sunday which is Veteran's Day (even though it will be observed Monday.) Be sure to thank all your veterans for being willing to put their life on the line. I will be thanking my awesome husband!! He is carrying his flags (US and Marine Corp) to the race and will run the whole half marathon carrying them to honor veterans! As a side note, the Marine Corp birthday is tomorrow so don't forget to tell your Marines happy birthday!!

Here is my outfit I am going to wear for the race and a few others from Harry Potter World. I hope you have all had a great week and have a great weekend! Our Vegas trip will be quick, but fun.

Oh, before I forget, the new Grinch movie comes out today!! It looks so cute. I am going to go see it either tonight or tomorrow in Vegas! Yes, I have already watched a Christmas movie!! I know it is too early, but I love the Christmas season!! I have got to get busy losing weight because we all know I love all the treats that come out this time of year!! I am still doing my Holiday Challenge to keep those pounds off!

Happy Running!



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