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Happy Tuesday and an Awesome Announcement!

Hi everyone! I hope you are off to a good start this week. We are back from Vegas. We had a great time with our friend Kristie. I met Kristie after the San Jose race two years ago at the hotel pool and we have stayed in touch and have seen each other at some races since then. My announcement has to do with the two us, keep reading to find out.

It was a quick trip but still fun. I have had a massive cold and that was really unpleasant during the trip and the race but still it was a good time. Here is a picture of the medal, pretty cute!

Chris ran with his flags again for the entire half marathon! He got a lot of screaming for him since it was Veteran's Day and the Marine Corp birthday was the day before. Also, it seemed that a lot of drunk girls were very good at cheering for him! Many even wanted selfies with him!! One girl just wanted a picture of him, not in a selfie with her. Anyway, it was fun walking around with him after the race in our patriotic outfits and people giving him high fives, shaking his hand or just giving the nod. We felt pretty bad. I mean bad in a cool way!

Chris and Kristie ran a great race. I did not run so great. I wanted to keep it slow at first, which I did and felt ok despite the cold until about mile 10. It was pretty much over for me at that point. I could actually feel myself going downhill about mile 8.5 or 9 but I was still hanging in there until mile 10. I had a coughing fit and for some strange reason my low back seized up. It has never done that before during a race. It was fairly painful. I stopped 3 times trying to gently stretch it but it didn't seem to want to work. I finished but with a very slow time (2:29). One good thing for Chris was I couldn't really talk due to the cold so that probably made him happy.

I checked out our race photos and Chris's and Kristie's are good. Chris's are really good! I look like I am struggling!! One day I hope to have some good race photos!! Anyway, here are a few photos of us before and after the race. It was fairly chilly especially after the race.

So, now for the announcement!! Kristie and I have decided we want to do the 50 running thing together. She turns 49 on March 2nd and I turn 50 on April 2nd. We have decided to go with my aunt's idea and do 50 races in a year. She will do 50 from the time she turns 49 until she is 50 and I will do 50 races from the time I turn 50 until I turn 51. It won't be exact because we will start at her birthday because we have chosen our last race as the Disney Princess Half Marathon at the end of February in 2020. We will start this coming March at her birthday!!

We have gotten an initial start on planning our races. This is what we know so far: For March and April we will do virtual races together because I will be gone in Italy and she will be going to Florida with her family. In May we may go to Nashville and to Phoenix for some races (she lives in Arizona); for June we will head to San Diego for two Rock n Roll races for a weekend; For the summer we will most likely race here in Colorado because we have good summers here; in September we hope to head for Philly for 2-3 races over the weekend for the Rock n Roll; for October we are not sure yet; for winter we will likely head back to Arizona or anywhere that we might have a free place to stay and good weather.

If any of you have a place we can stay for any cool races let us know. Because of the time and financial commitment we need some free places to stay as often as possible and use some of our points to fly when we can. We have about 20-30 of our races already planned and will sign up and commit by the end of this week for the ones we are sure of. We welcome any thoughtful ideas for helping us along our adventure together.

I will chronicle our journey on the blog so you can all follow along and hopefully keep us motivated. We are also trying to think of a fun name for our adventure. We are both Kristi/Kristie; we are both married to Marines; we both are a bit obsessed with running and traveling to run; we are both born on the 2nd of the month. I had some ideas but I forgot them already. 2 Kristi's, 50 races, 1 year. Ok, let's get thinking on ideas!!!

Have a great week!

Happy Running!



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