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Happy Monday!

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

Good Morning everyone!! I hope you had a great weekend. Before I say anything else I have to say, OMG, way to go Broncos!!! I can't believe we beat the Steelers yesterday!! That was so awesome!! Woo hoo! My other favorite team, the Titans play tonight. I don't get MNF anymore so I am not happy about that!! I will have to follow on my phone!

As you know, it is Cyber Monday. I am not sure of what deals are out there because I haven't really looked yet. I do know that if you subscribe to Runnerbox then you can get your first box for $5. It is limited in supplies so you have to act fast. I get this box every other month and I love it!! They pack it full of goodies for runners to try.

There is one other sale I am going to check out today and that is Loomrack. You can check it out here. They have the most adorable Christmas leggings. Check these out.

You all know how much I love Christmas and I love running!! There is no way I can resist these!! They are on sale today too!!

I only have a few minutes this morning because I need to take my dad to an appointment but I wanted to say a couple of things.

My husband and I watched the 40th Kona Ironman this past Saturday and it always amazes me! I am in awe of some of the stories of the people doing the race and also just in awe of anyone who can finish one!! One thing that happens when I watch it is that I feel like such a puss!!! My goodness, some of these people have overcome all kinds of things and they are doing it and yet here I sit on my couch eating my homemade Chex Mix thinking, "how do they do this?" Apparently I am a wimp!!! Anyway, if you have never watched one I highly recommend it!! It is so motivating. Of course I got up off the couch and got on my bike trainer to start my training!!

The other thing I wanted to mention is something I heard at the gym on Saturday morning. Three girls were talking about how another girl in their workout class had commented on one of their gym bags. One of them had just used a Lululemon bag to throw her stuff in that day and apparently this other girl said, "OMG, your gym bag, how funny!"

Well, the three girls went on to say that the girl that made the comment about the gym bag thinks you have to have a perfect gym bag and great work out clothes and always has to look all cute. They said she shouldn't be tearing them down for their use of the Lululemon bag. Now, I wasn't there but that did not sound like tearing someone down!! They continued to then tear her down and talk about what a workout snob she was and how they were all going to bring Walmart bags to her class next time. Then they had a contest it seemed talking about who had the cheapest work out clothes on that day. They went on how they had gotten a shirt free or at somewhere like, Ross.

I know my workout clothing and these girls were decked out in Lululemon, which as you know is not cheap and is not sold at Ross!! The one with the Lululemon shopping bag also sported a really nice gym bag on her shoulder as she was leaving the gym. She went on how she had had the shorts she was wearing since she was 19 and how she was now 24. I have clothes older than her!!!

Anyway, this conversation struck me as so odd and actually a little humorous. Did they not see that they were doing the exact thing they were complaining that this other girl was doing? Also, I think it is good to have workout clothes you feel cute in sometimes because you want to go to the gym more. (I am not saying ones with the booty hanging out or anything like that.)

I love a good bargain, everyone knows that, but I also believe you get what you pay for with a lot of work out clothes. I like them to function as I expect them to and sometimes that means paying for a good brand.

Anyway, I guess my point is that we should stop ourselves when we find our minds wandering to mean thoughts such as this. We never know what kinds of insecurities the other person has, or maybe they simply like looking good at the gym or having some nice things. Either way, does it matter? No! It is not a reason for 3 girls to tear down another girl.

Ok, I am done with my rant about Mean Girls!! Just, don't be mean, it is that simple. We only have one life to live, live it being kind!

Happy Running!



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