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10 Things Running-November Edition

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

Well, again I am waiting until the last minute to get this post done!! There are several great stories for this month's 10 Things Running!!

1. First up is this story about a father carrying his son across the finish line at the NYC marathon. This is a great story! Check it out here.

2. Next up is something amazing in the world of sponsorship. Nike is doing something they have never done, they are sponsoring an athlete with Cerebral Palsy. Justin Gallegos signed a 3 year contract with Nike. Watch the video of when he found out. Just try not to cry!

3. Next up is the Venice Marathon this year. It is hard enough to finish a marathon in good conditions but running in several inches of water, no thank you! Check this out.

4. Here is one way to make your treadmill workout less boring. This guy apparently has several different ones he does that are more elaborate than this one but you get the idea.

5. Number 5 is a video of a runner trying to finish a marathon and she is just spent. Another runner continues to try to help her get to the finish. Check it out.

6. Watch this inspiring video of a triathlete who was knocked off his bike by a negligent driver and paralyzed from the chest down and was able to complete the Kona Ironman this past week. If you ever feel unmotivated this will help you.

7. This next one is something we probably all already know but a good reminder. Read this article about low ferritin levels in female runners.

8. Check out these 5 Mantras from Olympians.

9. OMG, watch Jessica Biel do these weighted pistol squats!

Great for strengthening the legs for running!! Yes, I know many people would argue about going so low into the squat but it is still pretty awesome!! I tried them and I cannot do it without some assistance from my arms!!

10. Last but not least, because we all need a laugh at times, check out this Nike spoof SNL on wearing our workout clothing everywhere!

Well, that wraps it up for this month! I hope you have had a great November! I have already started on watching all my Christmas movies!! I have so many I have to start early!! This weekend we get to start the 25 days of Christmas and use the Christmas calendar to mark off the days!!

I'm ready for December!!

Happy Running!



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