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Happy Monday!!

Well, we are on the final countdown to Christmas!! One more week to finish your shopping! I am done with mine and already thinking of what I want to watch for on sale after Christmas!!

I didn't post last week because we had a rough week around here but it is getting better. We ended on a nice note by having a game night which turned out to be a little bit of a reunion of my former colleagues. We talked so much that we only ended up playing one game but it was fun.

I just wanted to share a few pictures and remind you to keep up your activity this week. It is easy to let exercise be the thing you let go when you get busy but it is one of those things that it better if you do not let it fall too far down the priority list.

One thing I have been doing is making my exercise goals conservative for this week (and definitely for next week). Keep in mind that any movement is good movement! I am shooting for a run or walk every day this week. I am not putting a time limit or distance on it so it is an easy goal to keep. I want to cycle a few times and lift weights a couple of times as well.

I hope you are all enjoying the season. We hope to get in a few Christmas things this week. We are going to Chatfield to Santa's Village this Saturday and then next week will hit the Zoo Lights and something in Ft. Collins that we haven't ever checked out.

Before I go here is a little tip I find helpful all year but especially at this time of year. Try to get one meal in a day that is packed with nutrients. Maybe you eat something bad for dinner but you had a lunch that had all kinds of veggies and good proteins and healthy fats in it. By committing to this you ensure you at least keep some nutrients in your diet every day even when you are trying all kinds of yummy treats that are out right now.

Here are a few pictures of some of the food we had from Game Night. Unfortunately I did not take any pictures of people!!

I also made a Spinach Dip Bread Stick Christmas Tree but forgot to take a picture. Here is one I made in honor of Chris's grandma.

We spent the entire weekend rearranging our basement including moving our pool table!! Here are a few of our Christmas decorations. When I say a few, I mean a few. I believe my friend Chris counted something like 16 trees in my house!!

I hope your Monday is starting off great! Enjoy the next two weeks because then we have to wait a full year for all the awesome holiday things again!! It may take me that long to take down all my trees!!

We just got our Christmas cards in for this year so I will be working on getting those out today but here it is for you to see. I got them from Simply to Impress.

Have a great week!

Happy Shopping and Happy Running!



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