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Happy Monday

Good Monday Morning! I just wanted to send out a quick post this morning to let you know a few things coming up. As you know from my post about my goals, I am working on having a little more structure to my writing. I previously wrote that I wanted to come up with some organization of posts. Some of the things I am working on are book reviews, recipes, common injuries and of course, just fun stuff.

Today I am working on my first book review. Well, it is my first for my blog, of course I have done book reviews before but none for the blog. I read so many books so I figure I should share.

The most recent book I have read is called Atomic Habits, by James Clear. I am working on the review and plan to have it done and posted this week. I really enjoyed this book and it has some great points/suggestions/ideas. I got a lot of great ideas for implementing good habits in my life from this book. One of the things that really stuck with me as I work on new endeavors in my own life was some points he made about doing things that play to your own strengths. This is not a new concept but for some reason stuck with me better this time. It is not only as it relates to your work but also as it relates to building good habits.

Even though my full review will be later this week I wanted to share a few things that some of my friends sent me when I asked the question, "what comes easier to me than others?" This is one of the questions James proposes in his book to help you make some of your habits easier to start/stick with over the long-term, as well as something you could apply to other areas of your life such as a career.

So, because these things were so nice and some really took me by surprise, I thought I would share. Here are what some of my friends/colleagues said in response to that question.

You have so much energy, you are very outspoken but friendly and very smart

Speaking your mind was first thought, remembering stuff-clinical, technical; thoughtful/kindness gestures



You are good at navigating the decision process of how much you need to plan something vs moving forward and making actual progress. In other words, not spending too much time planning something that just needs to get done regardless of the 10 different ways you might do it.

Making decisions, achieving goals and being positive

Professionally, your comfort level with all different types of people, quick decision-making and assessments

You set your mind to something and you follow through and do it

Everything! Except empathy, but specifically things involving will power

Not second guessing yourself or living in the past; I think you keep moving forward

Totally engaging other people

Being regimented, goal focused (especially over longer periods of time).

Being friendly and optimistic

Getting along and connecting with people

Sticking to an exercises schedule, probably any schedule; not procrastinating, accomplishing a lot in a day (having a lot of irons in the fire at once); getting over something quickly-forgiving; not afraid to say what you think or feel.

Finding a common ground with people and utilizing it to create chemistry and a team environment to achieve goals; make people feel valued without it being fake; leading people without them knowing they are being led.

Good at not taking things too personally.

Good at reading people and immediately striking up a rapport with them on their level. (This was from a previous boss of mine.)

Aren't those answers cool?? It was great getting this kind of information from people who know me well. Some know me much better than others but I think it was good to get answers from a variety of people who know me in varying degrees. Now, what do I do with this information?? I will let you know when I figure it out! I hope to use this information to help me figure out how I might help others using strengths/habits I already possess. I am not sure how I will help them but that is my plan for now, to work on figuring it out!

I can take away a few points that seemed to come up more than once in the answers. It sounds like I am good at making decisions without going back and forth about it too much or second-guessing my decisions, good at sticking to a routine/plan (which may look like good will power) and good with people and being friendly. Surely I can figure out a good way to use these things to help others!!

That's it for today. I hope you are having a great Monday!

Happy Running!



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