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One Month To Go

Well, we have one month to go until Kristie and I start our 50 races in 1 year. I can't believe it is only a month away!! I am getting excited about getting started and hope we can stay healthy and uninjured.

I wanted to also let you all know that I won't be posting for a few weeks because there is a new blog platform on my site and I need to move all my posts over to it. My posts are on the site's old blog platform which they will no longer update or provide support for so I need to use the new one. Anyway, this will take me several weeks to get them all moved. I want to have it all done before we start all of our races so you can all follow along with us on our adventure!!

So, I bid you adieu for a few weeks! Have a great February! One last thing...GO RAMS!!

Happy Running!



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