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All 50 Done!!

Hi everyone! I'm sorry for the delay with this post but I have been having a totally different adventure and didn't have the time or energy to write until now. I got home from Florida from the races on Monday afternoon and was really sick with a head a chest cold. I tried to pack my car that night but just couldn't get it all done because I felt terrible. So, the next morning I finished packing and took off to drive cross country to Connecticut!!

For those of you who haven't talked to me lately, I took a travel PT job. I have always wanted to do it and Chris and I decided that now was as good a time as any. I was hoping to go somewhere warm but when the job in CT came up I decided to take it. The clinic sounds like a good fit and I have never been to CT so I thought it would be a new adventure. It was quite the drive here but I am finally here and staying in a nice house with a nice family. I start my job on Monday for 13 weeks. I plan to go home the 3rd weekend and then Chris will come here (well, actually I think we are going to meet in Boston) for our birthday weekend.

So, now that you know of that adventure, let's talk about those last 2 races. I can't believe we are done!! I believe I already talked about the 5k and that it was windy, rainy and cold. The 10k was not rainy but it was windy and it was freezing!! I was shaking uncontrollably at the start. Kristie found some stranger's Nike warm up pants and got them for me and then I found someone's shirt and I put that on. I tried to run in the Nike pants over my other Nike capris but I couldn't keep either pair up! The sweatpants were too big and my tights just kept falling down! I even tied the drawstring and they still kept falling down. Anyway, with all the pants falling and me pulling them back up I got some ridiculous chafing!! And yes, it was in a very delicate area!! I was a bit concerned for the half the next day. All of the photos of me from the 10k are me pulling up my pants. They captured one that was so horrible and yet so funny that Kristie and I could not stop laughing at it. I almost peed myself a little laughing so hard at it!

The next day for the half Kristie was not feeling well at all. She was already getting this nasty cold. She medicined (yeah, I made that word up) up and went to the race but she was dying the whole way. I stayed with her because lord knows she has stayed back with me enough times!! I don't know how she did it feeling so bad. I felt like death the next day and the next couple of days actually. For some bizarre reason I had crazy energy for the half. I don't know what was up but I didn't get tired and had really unusual amounts of energy even at mile 10, 11, all the way. One thing that probably caused that is all the walking we were forced to do and even being completely stopped on the course. There was no way to run a good time because they narrowed the course for construction at some points and you had to completely stop for a couple of minutes, and the rest of the course people just walked and did not care that they took up the entire width of the course.

If you want to seriously run the race, do not spend your money on the Disney race. People are there for the fun of the costumes and Disney it seems. Some of us came in costume but also planned on running so that was a bit of a bummer. We went to Animal Kingdom and Magic Kingdom while we were there and I have to say that it has finally happened, I hated DisneyWorld!! I couldn't believe how awful it was. It was nothing but strollers and scooters everywhere!! You couldn't even move!! Some people that had clearly run the race that morning (because they were wearing the insanely heavy medals to the park) were pushing each other in wheelchairs!!! Really?? (they looked to be about 30 years younger than us) If you cannot run a half and then walk around Magic Kingdom then don't do one of them that day!! We saw several people doing this.

Anyway, I don't know the answer on the ridiculous crowds but it was insane. You seriously could barely walk through the park. I have been to Disney so many times and loved it! I mean seriously, I have been a Disney freak my whole life, but this pushed me over the edge. There is nothing fun about spending tons of money to stand in line for everything for hours and get your ankles and shins run into by strollers and scooters all day.

Ok, well, I guess I should get off my Disney-hating soapbox. I wanted to take a picture of me holding all 50 medals on my arms but I could not get it done before I left. I will do it the first time I go home. Here are a few pictures of the last races and our time at Disney. I will post a recap of everything after I get home for a weekend and get the medal picture.

Here is a picture that Chris took and sent to me of all the medals from the races laid out on one of our guest beds. It is hard to see them all but you get the idea, it is a lot! I love how my bike helmet is posed!! What is it doing in there? The second picture is of the medals we got at Disney. They were huge and weighed a ton!!

I think I will put together some collages of all the races so that we can enjoy a picture show, but that will be for another day!

I hope your week starts off great! I start my new job tomorrow. Also, Monday is Kristie's birthday! Happy 50th Kristie!!

Happy Running!



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