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Hi everyone! I am finally writing a post to wrap up the 50 races that Kristie and I did last year. You know, I just had no time with all the quarantining I have been doing!! Ha ha, just kidding!

So, I thought I would just give you a few tidbits about some of our races such as our favorites, our least favorites, most disappointing, etc.

So, here are our top 3 we liked the most:

1. We both agreed that San Diego was our favorite. We did the relay there. They somehow did not capture our time and we ended up with a DNF I think but we both felt like we ran well and that it was really fun. It took a lot of pressure off running the 5k the day before knowing we only each had to do half the next day instead of a half the next day. It isn't super fun to wait around for your partner to come in when they are handing off or I am sure at the finish line either where Kristie had to wait on me but it was still really fun, and you can almost always count on nice weather in San Diego.

Some pics from the San Diego race: Yes, that is Meb!

2. Number 2 for Kristie was Savannah because it was her first time doing that one. It was a really nice race and nice, beautiful course. We had nice weather there.

Number 2 for me was the Carlsbad 5000. It wasn't that I ran so well there but it was nice by the ocean and it was really challenging doing all those 5k's back to back. It was exhausting but I really liked the challenge.

Some pics from Savannah and Carlsbad:

3. Kristie liked the Bolder Boulder or San Antonio for number 3. I liked the Three Degrees of Hell races. They were a little like what Hell might feel like--so hot! I liked those because again, it was a big challenge to do one on Friday night and two the next day with all of them over 100 degrees. Plus, we both fell on the first race and hurt ourselves so it was a real challenge to run the next day!

Some pics from Bolder Boulder, San Antonio and Three Degrees of Hell:

There were many other honorable mentions--I liked San Antonio and Savannah as well. I have always liked the Bolder Boulder.

Liked Least:

That is easy, the virtual ones!! I especially did not enjoy the Carlsbad Double Down. We ended up not being able to do that one in person and had to do the virtual and I was stuck doing it in freezing temps and wind. 16.2 miles in that is not fun!!

We both found that we didn't care much for virtual races. I didn't like getting the medal before I had even done the race. We just like being there in person, the energy is so much better!! The winter made the virtual ones either really cold or very boring on a treadmill! Hard to get a lot of motivation for that!

Most Disappointing:

The most disappointing of all of our races was by far the Disney Princess Weekend. Not only was the weather horrible for the 5k and 10k with a cold front and rain but the races themselves were just not magical. Disney should be magical and it was NOT! The races were like the theme parks...way too crowded! You couldn't even move at some points of the race and we even had to come to a complete stop for a few minutes during the half. It had too many people, for sure. There was absolutely nothing magical about it. The 5k and 10k were just so boring, going through Epcot in the dark and in the parking lot. Really Disney??? I expected more from you Disney! I have loved Disney forever and they completely let me down. There was nothing special about the races at all. The parks were completely ridiculous too. It was nothing but strollers and scooters. You could not move. All day and you might be able to ride 3 rides. It was not worth it at all and I can't believe I am saying that because seriously, I have always LOVED Disney.

Some pics from Disney:

A top contender for disappointing was Vegas. The 5k was fine but incredibly boring-not even on the strip, just kind of around a parking lot. The half is usually good but this time the start was horrible, and getting out of the finish chute after was insane also. You had to be in your start corral very early-way too early and then all you could do was stand there with a million people like sardines and you couldn't use the restroom. You had to walk a mile or so in the corrals to get to the start and you were in them for an hour or more. They did not use to do this and we did not care for it this past year that is for sure. I am sure it had something to do with security but it was a hot mess. Once you finished the race you had to walk forever (and the wrong direction for most of the hotels) to get out of the finish chute. So, Vegas, what happened in Vegas can just stay there for all we are care!! We did meet some new friends there at least, so that part was good!

We aren't likely to do that one again. Of, course at the rate races are going we aren't likely to do any!!!

Some pics from Vegas:

Most Challenging:

I think the Three Degrees of Hell might win this category for both of us. But, October heading into November was very challenging because of so many races so close to each other and having to travel so much. We were exhausted by the time we got to Vegas.

Most Fun:

We both agree that we had the most fun at the Carlsbad 5000. It was challenging, it was put on well and it was beautiful. The town was so cute also and we had plenty of great places to eat and drink and be merry!! Highly recommend! Savannah was also fun and same with San Antonio.

We also are including one for an honor to our heroes: The Orange County-Tunnel to Tower.

Ok, that is all for today, except that I wanted to finally post the picture of all our medals. I also had these custom medal holders made for our 50 races!! Now we need a new challenge!!

I guess that will wrap it up for today!! I am open to suggestions for new challenges but please, NO VIRTUAL races!! Chris, Becca and I are doing the Greenland Trail race in person in 2 weeks!!!! Yay, I am so excited to race in person. Chris, Becca, Diego and I are going to do a duathlon against each other the 2nd week of September if anyone wants to join. We are planning on a 4 mile run, 25 mile bike and 4 mile run, but I am beginning to think with all we have going on we might want to do 5k, 20 mile bike, 5k. We will see!

Happy Running!



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