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Happy Good Friday!

Good Friday to ya! Just a quick post today. I just wanted to say hi to everyone and wish everyone good health and a Happy Easter this weekend. I know it won't be the same since we all have to stay home, but maybe you can make your quarantine Easter fun. I was thinking of asking Maria to hide my Cadbury eggs from me and then I would try to find them. Hey, you have got to have some fun!! I think I will also dress up in an Easter dress for a virtual church service.

What will you all be doing for your quarantine Easter?

What have you been doing to keep your immune systems in tip top shape? I have been drinking an elixir that my friend Kyle told me about made from dried Elderberries. Elderberries are good for helping to fight colds and flus and I figure, why not have a yummy little elixir every morning right now?

Many of you may know my love of garlic. I use it for keeping up my healthy system as well. I have been mincing about 3-4 cloves every few days and putting it on sourdough toast with a little bit of cream cheese. The cream cheese helps with the burning of the garlic going down your throat!! Make sure to mince it and not just swallow the cloves whole. My hubby Chris did that once and it got stuck in his throat all day until he finally threw it up!!! Anyway, you know that I will not have to worry about vampires any time soon!! Whew, one thing off the list! Kidding, I'm not a worrier!! What a waste of time.

Have you been keeping up your exercise? I have. I have been getting at least 2 workouts every day. Why am I not skinny yet??? What is going on? Oh, yeah, I live with a gourmet cook right now!! She has been making me the most amazing food. I even learned a new cooking technique, sous vide. Apparently a lot of top restaurants cook their meat this way. Maria made my birthday dinner with it and also used the air fryer-another thing I have never used. Here are some pictures, scroll through:

Here are a couple of pictures from the view between houses on my run the other day.

Oh, I made me and Maria some masks also. She has to wear black for work so I made one to match her uniform and then I made some Spring colors for us also. Here they are:

Well, that is it for today. I hope you are all staying healthy and using your time wisely. If you have things you are doing to pass the quarantine time please let us know. Also, please share any of your good immune system ideas.

Happy Easter and Happy Running if you can get out!



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