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Happy Monday!!

Good Monday friends! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We had a great one with great food!! Man, it was cold though!! Chris and I went out one night to walk and we were absolutely freezing despite being dressed appropriately.

As you all know I do not like running in the cold weather. I like waking up, putting on a tank and shorts and heading out the door, but alas, I live in Colorado! I know I have said this before, but this time I mean it...I am going to make myself get out there and run in the cold. Ok, I have put it out there and the universe has heard me so I am going to have to do it!!!

You would all be proud of me because even though I was sick with a terrible (and I mean terrible) head and chest cold, I got out there and did some runs!! Yay me! I put something over my mouth and nose and that made a huge difference. I tried to get out yesterday for our virtual 5k but the thing I had over my mouth and nose keep falling down and it was just too icy. I had to keep stopping to walk across the ice.

So, after 2 miles I came back home and jumped on the treadmill for the last 1.1 miles. But, the point is, I went out in 9 degree weather!!! What???? I know that is what you are thinking because I am sun chaser, but yes, you read that right, I ran in the freezing cold!!

I figure I have lived here 19 years now, it is high time I realize that I am going to have to run in the cold. I am trying to make peace and friends with the cold. I really like the whole being able to wear super cute hats on my run at least. See, look at me, seeing the bright side!!

I actually like going in the cold for some things...such as just after a snowfall. I love how quiet and peaceful it is when the snow has just stopped but no one is out. I love how it glitters in the street lights. Chris and I went out one night with the dogs and it had just started snowing again and even though it was cold on our faces it was still invigorating and awesome.

Also, I really love scarves, boots and hats and you need some good old fashioned cold weather for all of those. But, let me be clear here, after 3 months of cold, winter is supposed to go away so I would appreciate it if Colorado would get that message!!

Kristie and I head to San Antonio this Friday for 2 more races. We have 43 and 44 coming up. I can't believe how fast this is going by. We are almost done!!! So far it looks like we will have good weather while we are there. The last time when Chris and I ran San Antonio it poured on us the whole time. Running a race in the rain is definitely a bit of a bummer because of your shoes getting all wet and of course the chafing, my God, the chafing!!

I guess I better wrap things up for today. I can't believe we are on the final countdown to Christmas already!! I can use my advent calendars!! I hope your week is off to a good start. Here are a few pictures from our snow day and Thanksgiving week!

Happy Running!



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