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Happy Monday!

Hi friends! I just want to send out a quick post this morning before work to get our week started!

If you follow me on Instagram then you already have a general idea of what has been going on in my life lately.

I will start with when Laura and I went to Connecticut. We flew out on a Wednesday night and got into Hartford a little after 11:00. They didn't have the car we reserved so they had to give us an upgrade to a sweet BMW. It was really nice but I hated the lane line thing. Every time I got close to a lane line (or apparently when I was changing without signaling!!) it would try to turn the steering wheel back into my lane. I am not used to that. I do not have fancy things like that on my car and I like it that way!! I don't like things controlling what I am doing!!!

We drove to Maria's house that night and let ourselves in and went to bed. I went to my old bedroom, which Maria told me they now refer to as Kristi's room!! I love it! It was nice being back in her beautiful home. It brought back good memories!! What a nice quarantine we had together!! This time I got to see the beautiful pool. It was a bit cold but I stuck my feet in.

Laura and I drove to Rhode Island to Watch Hill beach and walked around the next day. We also spent time in Niantic and Mystic, and drove up to Yale (what a beautiful campus). We went to eat with Maria 2 nights and the food was amazing!! We had a great time and I was so happy to see Maria again even though the time was too short!! I will have to go back again in a couple of months.

I don't have time this morning to elaborate more on our trip but here are some pictures of us.

First up are some pictures of us at the casino at a restaurant called Ballo. It was insanely yummy!!

Next up are the beach, Yale and our other night out with Maria at a place on the water. It was great! Maria knew the owner so they sent out extra food to us (as if we need extra!).

Here is some of our other food we ate, such as our pizza from Frank Pepe's and my cappuccino gelato!! Yummy!

Ok, that does it for that trip. Other than that I have not been doing a lot except organizing and cleaning my house. My work schedule has slowed down just a little so I have the time to get my house in order finally. It was a disaster.

Also on the agenda lately is trying to learn how to kick a field goal. As I told you in one of my previous posts I made a bet with Chris that I can kick a 20 yard field goal. What was I thinking??? Oh yeah, I wasn't, I was just running my big mouth like usual! Anyway, now I am in this and I have got to make it because I cannot get a Dallas Cowboys tattoo. I reached out to Brandon McManus of the Broncos on Instagram to see if he will give me some tips. We will see if he responds!! Anyone else who can help me make this field goal please let me know!! I got myself some cleats, a football and a holder because there is no way I am letting Chris hold it for me!! I have been practicing in my back yard but I need a better place to practice so I have emailed the coach at the local high school to see if I can use their field some.

Okay, that does it. Please send me positive kicking vibes! Those of you who know me well know that I DO NOT like the Cowboys!! I cannot miss this kick! I have to do it before the Superbowl but I think I will try to do it before then so it isn't so know how I hate cold!

Any tips are welcome!

Happy Running!



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Kristi Campanella
Kristi Campanella
Oct 06, 2020

Thanks Laura!! I need another one already!!


Laura Rickhoff-Rogers
Laura Rickhoff-Rogers
Oct 06, 2020

We're so cute 🤣 fun trip and can't wait for the next one!

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