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Happy Monday and 10 Things Running

Well, before I get started with 10 Things Running let me say that even though it is a happy Monday for me because I don't have to work today, I am not happy about the weather!! It is 34 degrees!! What?? Come on winter, please go away!

Also, I would like to officially say that I liked last night's episode of Game of Thrones more than I liked the new Avengers movie. I know, I know, I am crazy but it is what it is. That movie just went on for too long for my taste. My goodness, it is hard enough sitting through a regular length movie but by the time we stood in line to get into the theater, watched all the previews and the movie it had been over 4 hours!! I was definitely ready for that movie to end!! I will not say anything to spoil it for anyone else but the way Thor looked, please! Why must you take away some of our pleasure in life??

Can I also say (again), why do things have to be so hard to open these days??? Seriously, you need Superman to open every day items. I was just cleaning the bathrooms prior to sitting down to write this post and I could not open the toilet cleaner. Really?! Come on! I also tried to open my new bottle of fish oil and it was near impossible. What is going on with all of this?? I don't think they really want me to take it, just buy it and never be able to open it. It is not like I am a weakling. What do weaklings do? We are eventually going to have to have robots in our house just to open things for us because we can't get anything open.

Okay, done with my rant, now to get started with 10 Things Running.

1. First up is definitely my old/new running shoes! Hoka, for a limited time, brought back the original Cliftons. OMG, I am so happy!! I got a pair for $79 and I have worn them for every run lately! Hello old friends, I have missed you. I know they have a giant heel but I don't care, they feel awesome and I love the color!

No, these aren't my feet. I wish I was wherever that is right now!

2. Next up is an article on stretching from a coach for Skirt Sports, Kareen Lawson. This is a nice article on stretching for runners. Read it here.

3. Next is the article about the last 3 weeks of Lindsay Flanagan's training for Boston. For those of you who do not know, she lives here in Colorado in Louisville. Even though most of us (especially me) are not going to put in 100-110 miles weekly, her plan has some great ideas in it and great insights into putting together different pieces of a training program. I also love that she ran right here in Dacono, CO for some of her training runs which is literally 5 minutes from my house!! I really like the hot tub after your run idea for heat acclimatization. I used to be able to run in serious heat but living in Colorado I don't get the chance to run in super hot very often. If you train for a spring race you are training in the cold here!! Take today for example, April 29th and the high will be 39! Anyway, it is a great article. Check it out here.

4. Next is an article from Podium Runners (who by the way was Competitor Running until just recently) about getting injured and to stop training like an idiot! I just loved the title of the article so I had to read it but it also has good advice. You can check it out here.

5. For number 5 I have one that might be a bit controversial in my field, an article about foam rollers and what they really do. If you use foam rollers then you probably have a love/hate relationship with them like I do. You hate doing it but you definitely feel better after. This article looks at some actual studies on foam rollers. You can make your own decision but I will still use mine for the reason cited above, it feels better after.

6. Next up is an article I really loved. I just had this conversation with a patient the other day. This article is about muscle cramps. The article dives into some studies about probable reasons for getting cramps and some solutions if you do get them. They point out of course that the best bet is not to get them by doing the appropriate training. This is worth a read especially if you still think that not getting enough fluid or electrolytes is the only reason for getting cramps. Check it out here.

For a little chuckle check out this guy:

7. This one is about some apps for the treadmill, if like me, you are stuck on a treadmill sometimes because of the weather. I have used the Nike app and I actually really liked it. I liked the coach telling me what was coming up next and it kept it from being so boring. Check some of them out here.

8. As many of you know I am a Skirt Sports Ambassador. What you may not know is that they also sell shorts. If you like to run without your booty hanging out for everyone to see or if you have thick thighs like me and need something that does not ride up just above your fat ridge then these Go Longer shorts are great for you! As I have gotten older (and fatter), I am not too keen on having shortie shorts on and I like things that stay in place for an entire marathon. I can't stand having to pull shorts down that ride up or keep messing with my wardrobe during a race. It is hard enough getting myself to the finish line without using up my extra energy fixing my underpants!! Anyway, check them out here and don't forget you can get a discount off full price items with my discount SSA615Kri.

9. And now for a personal favorite of friend Barbara at this year's Boston Marathon. She came off two injuries that did not allow her to run and only had 6 weeks to get ready for Boston. She ran strong despite this and the crummy weather again this year!! Way to go Barbara! Here are a few cute pics of her at the race and with Meb!

10. Last, but definitely not least is that Kristie and I finished our April races! We had 10 races this month and had to get them all done in the first few weeks because she was heading out of town. It was a pretty hard month but also awesome! My favorite was the Carlsbad 5000, brutal but fun and challenging! #Carlsbad5000. Here are a few pics from some of our races.

Well, that wraps it up for this month! I hope you are having a great Monday! Have a great week!

Happy Running!



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