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Happy Monday and May Races!

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

Good morning everyone! It has been a while since I have posted due to being out of town and super busy! I am still in San Diego for the morning but thought I would put a quick post out.

Kristie and I have completed our May races now. A few were virtual like the May the 4th be with you race and the Dick's Sporting Good 5k but we also had the Bolder Boulder in there. Kristie came to Colorado for that one and then all of us (me, Kristie and Chris) flew to San Diego that Friday for the Rock N Roll. So, our first 2 June races are done as well!

May was a busy month, not only for work and races but also for graduations! I had a very quick trip to TN and GA to see my beautiful niece Grace graduate from high school. She was the salutatorian! Yay Grace!!

This year for the Bolder Boulder I decided to just take it easy and not run at race pace. I know it is on our list of races but I just thought, I don't need to get myself all mad again because the Bolder Boulder got the best of me. I just took it easy and felt great after and never looked at my watch. I ran, walked and talked to people along the way, and even stopped to help a little boy up that fell right in front of me. Luckily the weather was good for the race so I kept the streak alive of having good weather for the BB every year!!

We headed to San Diego to run the 5k on Saturday and the half marathon relay on Sunday. Chris ran the half marathon on Sunday and no 5k on Saturday. He carried his flags the whole way again and ran a 2:04:47!! Woohoo!!

I haven't ever done the relay and I have to say it was really fun. Kristie ran the first part which was 6.3 miles and I ran the second 6.8 miles. After I finished I hustled back up to mile 13 to get a picture of Chris coming in. It was a great race. They have changed the finish line to a different place in the last few years and I liked it but man there were a lot of hills!!

True to form I finished the race realizing I could have run faster!!! Dang it, why can't I dial this in better? I am so used to starting too fast and then having to really slow down and now I can't get it right the other way either! Well, I have 25 more races to work on it! I felt great at the finish and wasn't sore at all so I would say I did not push it enough.

Well, Chris is waiting on me to finish this post so we can go to breakfast at a place we love here in San Diego. Then we have to check out and head to the airport so I better wrap things up.

Here are a few pictures from our races:

Well, we are off to breakfast! Have a great week! Ignore any typos please, Chris is rushing me!!

Happy Running!



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