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Happy Monday from Connecticut!

Hi everyone! I hope you are all staying healthy and taking time to enjoy things you never have time for because you are always working! I know it is hard times for everyone right now, but I hope we can all find some positives during this time as well.

As many of you already know I took a travel PT position in Connecticut starting at the beginning of this month. I have been working in a small town called North Franklin at an orthopedic clinic. I only got a few weeks of work in because of the virus and the clinic going down to minimal staff, but we will be back up and running full steam when everyone is given the go ahead.

Since coming to CT I have met so many nice people. It is almost strange how noticeable it has been. I am not saying I haven't met nice people all over but I have really noticed it here. I have not encountered one person that has not been nice to me. When I say nice, I don't just mean a friendly hello, I mean they seem to go out of there way to be nice. It has been so wonderful. I have really enjoyed meeting the new people, starting new friendships.

My first couple of weekends I had the chance to drive around and explore but now with everything closed down I am just hanging out at home like everyone else. The weather has been a bit chilly so I have been doing the treadmill or YouTube workouts.

I am living with a beautiful and kind woman named Maria. She owns a restaurant and a bakery. Because of the recent shut downs and new rules she can only provide take out so unfortunately it is hitting her business and her staff very hard. I know so many people in the world are in this same situation. I am praying for health, peace, and contentment for everyone.

I just wanted to quickly check in with everyone and let you know that I am healthy as well as my family and friends and I pray the same for you. Remember to keep your immune system in top-notch shape. I am making sure to work out at least once a day but I am trying to get in 2-3 times. I am trying to get some sort of calming exercises like yoga or Pilates and something to really sweat out the toxins as well. I am getting plenty of vegetables and water also.

Remember to take care of your emotional, mental and spiritual health as well. It is all important. Keep in mind that this too shall pass. Worrying or stressing will not change the outcome but filling yourself up with happiness and thoughts of joy and contentment will only have positive effects on you and those around you.

Spend some time doing things you never have time to do like reading a book, binge-watching funny shows, working out, cooking, Skype sessions with friends and family, you name it. Take advantage of the positive side of things.

I want to quickly share a story that Maria shared with me the other day that I thought was really cute. She told me that on Tuesday mornings for years this group of retired men have been coming to the bakery and having their coffee and talking/visiting with each other. Well, because they cannot dine in they came and got their coffee and left (or so she thought).

She kept seeing them come one by one back in to refill their coffee and finally asked them where they were. The man told her they had 2 SUVs in the parking lot with 5 guys in each and they were periodically switching out to talk to everyone so they wouldn't break the 10 person rule!! Isn't that adorable?? Anyway, I loved it.

Okay, I guess I will wrap it up for today. I will put some pictures below of some of the things I have explored. This first set is from a town called Mystic and also some from the Niantic Boardwalk. There is also a running trail that I went to called Bluff Point that a patient told me about.

These next photos are my awesome room in Maria's house and some of the yummy food from her bakery and restaurant and one that she cooked for me at home. She has made me so much delicious food since I have been here. I am being totally spoiled! Now you can see why I am working out 2-3 times a day!

If you are near Waterford come by and get some yummy food for take out from Cafe NV or NV Bakery.

The first one is a quinoa power bowl, so yummy! The second is pasta with a bolognese sauce she made for us. The next is a Killer Kale smoothie and then a portabella and veggies sandwich. The last picture is my beautiful room.

I will share two last pictures for your enjoyment.

This first one I came across when I was walking laps in the house the other day for exercise. I found a door I hadn't seen and decided to open it to see where it went and this was what was in there. I almost had a heart attack.

Marie loves Halloween (just like me) and that is a prop from a Halloween in the past. But, you can see how you might freak out if you open a door and this is there!! I almost punched her in the teeth!

Here is the last picture to share for the day. This is a picture Maria put in my room. She really put thought into making everything special for me. I love this picture and I love the message.

Well, that is it for today. Maybe I will get myself back on track and begin posting more regularly now that I am not at work.

Stay safe and healthy. Get out and run if you get the chance, enjoy the fresh air.

Happy Running!



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