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Happy Tuesday and Race Schedule

Good Tuesday to everyone! I hope your week is off to a good start. I have to tell you I am loving the nice, hot weather! I am downright sick of the windy afternoons and storms though. It does motivate me to get my workouts done first thing in the morning.

Well, Kristie and I are still recovering from our Vegas races. I think the falls did us in a bit! My scabbed up knees are almost healed, same with my hands. I have started a new program for building up my mileage and doing back to back runs on the weekend to prepare for our fall races coming up. Many of the rest of our races starting in September involve running a 5k on a Saturday and a half marathon on a Sunday. I have not been running high mileage lately so I need to increase my volume. I am working on cleaning up my diet some as well so I can drop some pounds.

Until the races in Vegas, Kristie and I were doing great keeping up with all the racing. Actually, I think the steps at the hotel got Kristie and the fall just added to the misery. Anyway, I thought i would share the rest of our schedule with you.

For this month we only have one more race, the Harry Potter's Birthday 5k on the 31st.

For August we also only have one race, a virtual one, A Better World Running, Summer Race, 9.3 miles. We are planning to do it on the 25th but it could be another day if something comes up with our schedules.

Here are the rest of the races:


Sept 7: Lexus Lace Up Half Marathon in Orange County

Sept 8: Tunnel to Tower 5k in Orange County

Sept 30 Dashing Diva 5k


October 5: San Jose 5k

October 6: San Jose Half Marathon


November 2: Savannah Half Marathon

November 3: Savannah 5k

November 16: Vegas 5k

November 17: Vegas Half Marathon

November 30: Princess Dash 5k

(At least we will make up for all the food we eat on Thanksgiving!)


December 7: San Antonio 5k

December 8: San Antonio Half Marathon

December 31: There's No Place Like Home 5k

January 2020

January 19: Carlsbad Double Down a 5k and a Half back to back (2 races)


February 21: Disney Princess Weekend 5k

February 22: Disney Princess Weekend 10k

February 23: Disney Princess Weekend Half Marathon

Well that will wrap up our 50 races right before Kristie's birthday which is when we started this year. If any of you are going to be at any of those races let me know so we can say hi and cheer each other on!!

Here is a picture of our medals and t-shirts so far. Not all races came with a shirt and not all come with medals, such as the Bolder Boulder. Also, the Carlsbad 5000 was 4 races but it only come with one medal. Kristie is getting us some medals engraved with the races that didn't come with one.

Have a great week! I heard it is supposed to be 101 on Friday. Woo hoo!! I know most people don't like that heat but you all know that I do.

Happy Running!



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