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Happy Monday everyone!! I hope you had a great weekend. I was of course sad to see the Broncos lose, but at least the Titans won!!

It is that time of year again when we all start thinking of what to do during the holidays to decrease or stop altogether the inevitable holiday weight gain.

Yummy! It will be peppermint mocha for me!

This is the time of year when we see holiday challenges begin to show up everywhere. Well, I am no different, I will be challenging myself (and hopefully you too) to a holiday challenge.

I find that I do a better job of sticking to it if I am part of something with others. So, my friend Karen and I have come up with some challenge ideas. We have a default challenge (because life happens) and the challenging challenge!! I am going to try my best to always stick with the challenging one. There may be times when I have to do the default challenge when I am traveling to races, etc., but for the most part I will stick with the challenging plan.

Ok, here they are:

1. Default Challenge:

Starting November 1st:

Run 1 mile every day until January 1st. Of course you can make this a walking challenge but since Karen and I are runners and this blog is much ado about running, we will stick with the 1 mile run.

2. Challenging Challenge (for people who really love to eat, or just love a good challenge!):

Starting November 4th, each day has a different challenge:

Mile Mondays-run 1 mile every Monday

Two Mile Tuesdays-you guessed it, run 2 miles every Tuesday

Wonhundred and 1 Wednesdays-no, it is not 101 miles! Whew! Perform 100 reps of the exercise of your choice, and run 1 mile every Wednesday

Three for Thursday-run 3 miles every Thursday

Fast Friday-run 1 mile fast (be sure to warm up well!)

Six on Saturdays-run 6 miles every Saturday

Super Slow Sundays-run however far you want (but at least a mile) as slow as you can (we all need recovery)

Ok, there you have it! I am starting the more challenging one on November 4th for 2 reasons: 1. I like to start on a Monday; 2. I will just be flying back from my races in Savannah, GA.

Keep in mind that you can always run more on any given day but you always have to do 1 mile. If you choose to run for the challenge then your miles all need to be running miles (for the amount listed for that day). If you choose to do walking then at least the specified mileage should be walked and you can choose to run/jog some also.

Runners, once you make your choice to do the challenge running there is no going back, unless of course you have an injury then of course drop down to walking instead. Please do not force yourself to stay in the challenge through an injury or nagging pain. Remember to address things like that right away lest you end up on a physical therapist's schedule!! :)

I will send out some weekly reminders, motivation, recipes and tips. Let me know if you want to join, just add in the comments at the end of the post (remember to scroll all the way down for comments). If you are local then maybe we can get some of those runs in together! I can suffer in the cold with a buddy but I will likely wimp out on my own and get on the Dreadmill!

I hope you have your Halloween costume picked out already. I am going to be a Star Trek Captain or Admiral, who knows?? I will just be someone that can boss the others around!! My husband says I am good at that! Ha ha!

I have been getting myself in the spirit by watching what I consider some Halloween movies this weekend. I don't like scary movies so I am just watching all of the Harry Potter movies (again).

Well, I better get going for now. I will write again on Halloween with some pictures!!

Happy Running!



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