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Let's Come Out Better Than We Went In!

That's me after my run outside finally!! We finally had a warm day!

Hi everyone! I hope you are enjoying your quarantine. Ok, kidding a little bit on this one, but also, if you have to be quarantined, you might as well enjoy it! Personally I have been trying to make the most of my quarantine. I have been reading books, articles, etc., working on my Spanish lessons (Hola que hay para comer?), working out a lot, watching some happy shows that I like to watch (and a few crappy shows as well, and can I just say right now, what is the deal with Tiger King?? Why do people like it? It is awful! It is just so stupid!), working on my own self growth, listening to music, singing, connecting with friends and family on a more regular basis and unfortunately eating too much food. The food thing stops today!!

Maria and I are starting a plan today to come out of the quarantine better than we went in. We will be closer to our goal weights, fitter physically, mentally and spiritually.

A lot of people have reached out to me to ask what I am doing for workouts right now. I thought I would post some things I am doing and you can add what you are doing as well. It is good to get variety and hear what others are doing to stave off the boredom of the same old workouts all the time. Oh, and while we are talking about boredom, I have decided that if you are bored then it is your own fault. There are so many things to be doing/working on. Take advantage of the time you usually don't have.

Back to the workouts...I have been mostly doing workouts from YouTube and then some runs on the treadmill-mostly HIIT workouts and some walks on the treadmill. I finally got out the other day for a run outside because we finally had a gorgeous day. I just couldn't resist it. I have been doing so many workouts lately that some mornings I can barely get out of bed because I am so sore. Who knew my glutes hadn't been worked this hard in a long time??? Obviously not me, but now my glutes know! Holy cow, I had one of those glute soreness days where you can't lower yourself slowly to a chair; you make it about halfway and your glutes are like, "we're done here" and you just have to plop down at that point. I'm pretty sure I am on my way to some buns of steel!

So, I have put the workouts into categories. I have HIIT workouts, strengthening, yoga, running, dance and low impact cardio. I was doing some quiet, low impact cardio just so I didn't make too much noise for other people in the house at the other house, but now it is just me and Maria so I can be as noisy as I want when she is at work. :) Which, thankfully for her is also when I sing!! I don't have my karaoke machine here so it is just me belting it out. Those of you who know me well know that I don't really need a microphone!

Here are some of the strengthening videos I have done from YouTube and also one from Outside magazine. I personally do not like if I have to time things myself because it is just annoying trying to do timer for 40 seconds, then rest, etc. I usually just list the exercises and do reps instead and maybe repeat the list twice.

Home strengthening I have done:

15 min from Outside mag (I wrote these down and went through twice with 20 reps each)

Here are some home HIIT workouts I have done:

25 min HIIT with Body Coach (This guy cracks me up)

Here are some Dance Video Workouts I like:

If you just want a few minutes to get moving because you have been sitting too much you could try one of these one song ones. I like to do this sometimes just to get the blood pumping. You will probably totally crack up at the guy doing the Senorita and Stupid Love videos, I know I did, but he is a good dancer.

Here are some low impact cardio videos:

Running Interval Workouts

I have several more run ones, but that is enough to get you started. I have also made up my own workouts or even just done laps in the house or reps up/down the stairs for a quick 10 minute, get the blood pumping thing.

For yoga I have been doing these power yoga videos by Bryan Kest. He says some of the dorkiest things sometimes but the videos are really good and challenging. I can only do about 30 minutes of it because that is all the patience I have for yoga, but at least I am trying!! If you know me then you know 30 minutes of patience by me is like some sort of world record, or like spotting a unicorn.

I have a couple of friends that are going to contribute a few of their workouts to this post as well. First up is my dear friend Wendy and her daughter Madison. Madison is a gymnast so this has some gymnast flare to it.

I will post their workout list first then a video of the two of them doing it. Well, I was hoping to have the video, but for some reason it does not seem to be getting to me. Wendy has tried but it still won't come. Oh well. If I get it I will include it next time.

Here is the workout: (I am pretty sure I will strain something if I try to do a handstand!)

Here are a few ideas from my friend Greg and what he is doing in his make-shift gym at home to stay fit right now. I think I might try some of Greg's workout tomorrow. In his own words: (I put in a few things for clarification.)

I usually split my workouts into upper and lower body days. I use basic periodization so I've been focusing on 3 sets of 10 for hypertrophy since I don't have extra resistance for strength or power.

I will always superset upper body days to keep my hr (heart rate) up. Lately it's been pull ups/trx dips, trx Y's/trx bicep curls, and push ups/deadbug/McGill curl. I also do trx rows but I haven't been super setting them. For the push ups a use a dish towel under one hand and slide into a Y to get the intensity I need.

For lower body days lately it's been Bulgarian split squats with 15# kettle bell overhead, lateral band walk with band at metatarsal heads, single leg hip thrust off the couch, Nordic hamstring, and modified side plank with clamshell. I don't always superset with lower body because my goal is to engage the glutes with all of them, except of course Nordic drops.

For cardio I do it every day but I keep it short and sweet. 10 minutes total with three high intensity intervals and moderate intensity in between. 2 minutes moderate, 20-30 seconds high intensity, repeated three times and moderate intensity to the 10 minute mark. At home I've been doing jump rope for high intensity and dribbling a soccer ball in the basement. (I would really like to see the dribbling the soccer ball as a HIIT workout!!) Greg, I think you are going to have to show us!!

My makeshift TRX is a couple pieces of 2x3 lumber I have left over drilled into the joists in the basement with 4 2" screws in each to anchor and ratchet straps from my truck. Can be a little rough on the hands but it works.

Here is Greg's make-shift TRX. Desperate times call for desperate measures! Where there is a will, there is a way! Way to go Greg!

Here is a picture of some of us from work before the lockdown, Greg is the only guy in the picture. I miss my new friends!

So, as you can see, there is really no excuse for not being able to workout at home. There are so many free videos and also apps that you can use. Speaking of apps, I have used the Nike app many times for strength and run workouts.

So, get off your booties and get to work!! Exercise is good for the body, mind and soul and just may help keep your immune system up to fight off viruses.

I will not sign off with my usual, Happy Running since a lot of you might be doing other workouts right now. I will just say,

Happy Quarantining!!

Until next time...Kristi


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