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March Races and Happy Birthday to Us!!

Happy Birthday to Us!

Good Morning everyone!! I have to make this a very quick post this morning because I have a crazy, busy day. Before I get started I wanted to let everyone know that since I changed to the new blog platform I have noticed that the emails about blog posts go to my Promotions tab in my Gmail. If this is also happening to you then you will need to add it to your contacts so that it will come to your Primary tab. I wouldn't want you to miss anything!!

Ok, let's get to the March races. As you know we have several virtual races for March and April. In fact, we have a 5 mile race today, which is one reason why I am making this a quick post. We completed about 8 races in March and will have our 9th race today and I believe one more before we head to Carlsbad this weekend for the Carlsbad 5000.

I have to tell you that my legs are not always recovered from one race when it is time to do the next one! Some of my races I have run pretty good times but then others when I think my body is still tired from the last one, I have not run so great. All in all I think it is going well. It will be a great achievement to have completed all 50 because, as I said, it is a bit tiring!! It is also hard getting them done during the week before or after work!

I have been keeping track of everything in a journal in hopes of possibly seeing some patterns for recovery, food, hydration, etc. So far I do not see a pattern except that I have done the same thing every time!! One thing I noticed is that it does not always seem to matter if I did not sleep well the night before a race but it seems to matter a day or two later when I really feel tired!

The virtual races are harder than I thought because each of us has had to do them all by ourselves. Sometimes we have had to do them on the treadmill due to weather conditions outside. Doing a race (or trying to run at race pace) without the adrenaline that being at a race gives you and then having to do it on the treadmill, is extremely hard for me!! Some days I started on the treadmill then realized there was just no way I could do it and I hopped off and went outside, even when it was cold and windy. It is amazing how hard it is for me to do on the treadmill!

Well, I wanted to show you a few pictures of the two of us with our medals so I put together a collage of each of us.

And, yes, I know that I am not good at taking selfies!! I am getting better with my cute, new, pink selfie stick but I still have not mastered that!!

Before I go I want to wish a Happy Birthday to my husband and to myself!! I am 50 today and he is 42!! Happy Birthday to us!! I was going to write something about turning 50 (and maybe I still will) but the questions I sent out to people either didn't get returned to me or they all had too many "no" answers to all of the questions. So, maybe I will do a post on just my thoughts later but for today I must go!!

Happy Running!



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