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Races and Football

Hi everyone! I just wanted to write a quick post before work this morning. First off, let me say....YAY TITANS!!!! Thank God the kicker redeemed himself a little at the end!

I know that everyone knows I also love my Broncos but not when they play my beloved Titans!! I have loved them since birth so I can't turn my back on them!! (That just made me think this, "Don't turn your back on me chump!" If you know the movie that line is from then we are probably friends!)

If you do not know that the Titans were the Houston Oilers, well, considered yourself informed!! As many of you know, I was born in Houston then moved to Tennessee later. I was living in Memphis when they came from Houston to Memphis as the Memphis Oilers. Then I moved to Nashville (back to Nashville) and they moved there and became the Tennessee Titans. Wait...were they stalking me??? Creepy and cool all at the same time! Ok, kidding on that last part. Anyway, my point is, I have been a fan since birth. Oh, and just in case anyone out there doesn't know this....I hate the Cowboys!! That is also something I was born into. Ok, now that that is out of the way, let's get on with things.

Chris and I have had the pleasure of doing a few trails races the last couple of weeks here in Colorado. Luckily the smoke had dissipated some for the races so it wasn't completely horrible. It was great to be able to race again. I was not in any shape for racing on road or trail but I wanted to sign up for any race that could be held in person in order to show my support for races being held again.

We did a 5 mile trail race in Lone Tree, CO that was super hilly and hard and then the next weekend we did an 8 mile trail race in Larkspur, CO. They were both beautiful. Here are a couple of pictures. And, shout out to our friend Becca for doing the 4 mile one in Larkspur!!

We also did a duathlon together this past weekend. This was just one that we made up on our own and did on our own since our friends bailed on us!!! My bike is in the shop so I had to do it on Chris's mountain bike which I do not fit on well so that was not very pleasant. (It was hurting The Precious. Ok, I watch too many movies!!) We were absolutely dead after that and did pretty much nothing but binge watch a show on Netflix the rest of the day!! Still, it was good for us. Here are a few pictures Chris took while we were heading back on the bike to transition to the second run.

Ok, now for the last piece of importance today....Last night during the game I was getting so irritated at the kicks being missed that I opened my big mouth and said that I could have made one of the kicks. Well, that started something that I am going to have to try to finish now. Chris said that he was 100% positive that I couldn't make a 20 yard field goal. Now, there is a good chance he is right, but I can't let that comment go without answering it in some fashion. So, it is GAME ON, or KICK ON!!

I desperately need a good kicking coach. So, if anyone knows one, please tell me. We don't even know what we are betting, but for those of you who know me, you know that victory (and rubbing it in his face for years to come until it crushes his soul) will be enough for me. Ok, maybe I don't have to completely crush his soul...

So, please if you can help me learn how to kick a field goal I would greatly appreciate it!! You can then enjoy my victory with me!!! You know, winning and rubbing it in his face!!! I mean, what could be better?? :)

I hope your week is off to a great start!

I am heading to Connecticut with Laura tomorrow. We will do our virtual race for Montreal and see Maria. Yay!!!

Happy Running!



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