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Treasure Hunting

Hi everyone! I hope you have been having a good summer. I wanted to quickly share a few things today.

I have been working for a new company doing online physical therapy screens for several months. I am really enjoying it. One thing I am hearing over and over is how this past year has affected people. Not only did it seem to contribute to making any musculoskeletal issues worse and causing weight gain in many people but it seems to have taken away people's motivation for doing the things that kept those issues at bay in the past.

Every day it seems that someone is telling me how this past year has made them feel helpless and hopeless and that the news makes them feel like everything and everyone is so bad. I would say I have to agree with much of this.

I am someone who has always been into exercising and especially I have loved running for at least 20 years and actually felt like it was a major stress reliever and just kept my body and mind feeling good. I will admit that the past year I lost a lot of my motivation to get out the door and do my runs or any other workouts for that matter.

For me to feel that way takes a lot because it has always been one of my favorite things to do. So, I understand what people are saying. I understand feeling helpless, like we can't do anything to change the situation at times and are at the mercy of politicians frequently.

What I didn't realize was how many other people felt this same way. I guess I figured if an absolute optimist like myself could feel this way then others probably did as well. Unfortunately it has become difficult to talk to people about any of these things because it has become something that causes anger and fear it seems. I knew it would take a lot to get me to the point of feeling down and unmotivated about my running but even I got to that point. I am just now digging my way back up.

I try to remind myself daily of all the things I have to be grateful for (which I have always done) and how many good things there still are in this world. I try to remind myself that it is the media that portrays so much negativity and bad things and bad people, but in the real world, in the one I interact in daily, there is still a lot of good. People are good.

Most people are not hateful, but are kind and loving. So, I don't watch the news (I never have) and now I am going to stay away from social media even more. It seems like no matter where you look in "media" the bad is portrayed more than the good.

This morning I had a client that was talking with me about this and she said this to me and I loved it...She told me that she tells her granddaughter that "there is a lot of treasure out in the world and you just have to go look for it. On bad days, go treasure hunting."

I love how she said that. I have always believed that if you look for good then you will find good. If you look for the bad then you will find bad. So, put your efforts into looking for good, for kindness, for love and I know you will find it. Try to be love finding instead of fault finding.

Okay, that is all I have to say this morning, but just wanted to put that out there. Go treasure hunting!

Happy Thursday!



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